Grabfood: Accepting orders during Wee hours pays more?

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I was previously told that "Wee hours orders" are being paid more. A fellow Grabfood delivery partner told me that she was paid $5.30 for a job she received after 1:00am that would usually just pay her $4.50!  She told me that if I'm a "nocturnal animal" like her, leaving the app on to receive job might be a good idea, even though now many fast food chains have stop operating after 12:00am.

I do have one outlet that operate 24/7 in my neighbourhood that is on Grab, so I actually thought it's ok to try out what she said. So I did it for about a month. 


Does accepting orders during Wee hours pays more?

Well, my conclusion is - Yes, but only on some random days.

I say its on some random days because it's just very random. Sometimes, I feel the system roll a dice to determine if the payment rate would goes up. LOL. I mean I do get that $0.50-0.60 more on some days and not on other days. Which means, there could be some "algotherm" or "criteria" for that increase. But, I just couldn't figure it out.

I do notice that my orders on Friday nights (after 10:30pm) have a slightly higher chance to get the increased rate. I remember getting paid $4.60 on 2 Fridays for a trip that would usually pay $4.30 and $4.20 respectively. But then again, NOT all trips during that timing gets that slight increase.

It's very puzzling and I still haven't found any specific pattern. Maybe some of the more experienced rider could enlighten us on this.

However, given the randomness and unpredictability of these increase, I'll actually not encourage anyone to try. It's rare to get that huge $0.80 increase like the person did, I did only once gotten an increase of $0.60 and the rest are usually just goes up by $0.10-0.30. Is it worth the effort? I really don't think so.

The thing is, doing this will totally mess up your sleeping time and may in the end makes you too tired to work in the day. I've totally stopped working the lunch hours because ... well, I was still in bed at that time.

I however, catch on the "Morning orders" (6:00-8:00am). Morning orders are not that much though.


Morning Orders

It usually starts at 6:00am when McDonald's open (of course this is for my neighbourhood, if you've merchants that operates earlier, then perhaps your morning hours will be different from mine). It usually ends 7:45am. I hardly get any orders after 7:45am. Anyway, I'm usually quite drained by then and will turn the app off.

But there are a few days I did stay up till 9am, but didn't get anymore orders after 8am. 

Anyway, these are just my observation from working in my neighbourhood, I think it does differ from area to area.


Treasure Zone

Also, I'd like to bring up the not-so-recently added "Treasure Zone" or "Peak Zone"? Sorry, I', not too sure what it is called, because I've only received invitation once. Treasure zone are usually the super RED-HOT zone in your area, usually malls or large eateries.

I was notified of the treasure zone via the app and was told to qualify, I need to get in there in 10 minutes. But WTF, Grab, google map quoted me that I need 12 minutes get there by foot! (No, you usually need more than that!) Not to mention, I have yet left the Condominium that I just delivered to! There is just not enough time! I wish they informed earlier, like 15-20minutes before so that I can try catching a bus or just run to the zone! (But I still doubt I could make it in time by running, TBH)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that according to Grab, if you manage to enter the zone within the time limit, your next order, no matter it is completed within that time frame or not, will give you extra gems.

Don't ask me how much more gems, I've never been into the zone and never ever receive anymore invitations. If I do, I guess I'll try my best to get down and see what it really does! No promise though LOL!

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