GrabFood Update: I wish I could try out the Treasure Zone!


 I'm so glad when I was notified again with an invitation to get into a Treasure Zone! Woohoo, 59 gems! I'm not sure how I can qualify for the gems, like if I get in there and complete 1 order or that I just have to get into the zone to get that.

Anyway, there is no way I can get an answer because well ... The zone is 4.4km and more than an hour away by foot, 11-14 minutes away by car and I've only 10-13 minutes to get to the zone. OMG!

So yeah, I wish I could try this out, both for you guys and for myself as I'm curious about it too. But the fact is that, I can hardly get there in time, not even if I run, well I can't even get there in time by bus or MRT! Perhaps, these zones are more for delivery partners on cars and motorcycles. I doubt cyclists can get there in time if they're as far away as me from the zone.

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