GrabFood: Nope, you doesn't always get the compensations for large orders!

I've always thought that fast food orders with 5 meals (with drinks) would qualify for the Large order compensation, especially for walkers who will have to carry all that weight and walk on foot to the destination.

However, I was surprised by Grab when they rejected my request for compensation. The order wasn't 5 meals but a promotion from Burger King (Buy 3 get the 4th free) which consists of 4 burgers + fries + 4 Medium sized drinks. The customer also went ahead and added another meal with medium drinks in the same order.

So that is obviously 4+1 = 5 medium drinks. I've requested for compensation with 5 meals, consisting for a mixture of drinks of all sizes (S,M and L), so I thought this would qualify, but oh well ... ...

However, I'm not sure if this is the default template for rejection or that they obviously get it all wrong. I obviously didn't ask for long waiting compensation as the order was ready when I got there. I'm not sure whether to call in to check or not as they're usually very swift to compensate if they see the order qualifies. Maybe the criteria changed? I really don't know ...

Haiz ... anyway, just a note to all walkers out there, if you ever encounter a 5 drinks order (whether S or M drinks) and is considering to take it for the Large order compensation, then perhaps you should think twice. 5 meals (with drinks) seems to be a grey-zone (50-50) scenario, so you can possibly end up with aching hands and legs, a complain for being slow and still no compensation.

But of course, if you feel fit enough to handle the weight and still deliver within a reasonable timeframe, go right ahead!

Updated on 1st September 2020: I've once again gotten an order with 5 drinks (5 meals) and 2-3 side snacks. I called in to asked for large order compensation. It was rejected again, but this time round, the CS called over to inform me about the rejection and I took the chance to ask him for more clearer criteria to qualify.

And he told me that orders that doesn't fit in the bag would have higher chance to qualify... which got me wondering, the Halal bag or the non-halal bag? But anyways, hope this informing helps those out there who is confused about when they can request for the compensation. 

Happy grabbing and stay safe! :)

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