I bought something from Facebook Advertisements ...


Image taken from seller's website

This is, as they advertised, a foundation with good concealing properties that will look very natural when applied. It is also packed great qualities like, moisturising properties, is light on the skin, stays well on the skin and is waterproof. 


It comes in 2 colours - natural and ivory, so will fit almost all Asian skin types.

This gif is taken from the website, showcasing the concealing properties. Looking pretty cool, huh?

And the best part is it's priced at SG$39 for 2 bottles and it's Cash on Delivery. Yeah, that is what got mum and me to decide to place order.

No, actually, I didn't know what I was thinking. To be really honest, I didn't even know what its called until it arrived in my hands. And I was like "Woo... It's called Moxie Girlz". Never heard of it ... -_-" 

Basically just some simple instructions on how to use and the "functions" of the foundation - concealing, moisturising, brightening ...etc. Also, it's a good thing to note that this is made in a factory in Guangzhou. ermm...

Anyway, I didn't feel safe enough for any of that to be on my face. So I just tried some on my hand.

To be very honest, it didn't felt that bad. It's runny but yet still able to do some solid concealing and make my skin fairer and brighter. It also has this slight "shiner/glittery" effect that makes you feel brighter... or "glowing". It doesn't feel heavy or "gluey" or cloggy, it's light as it was advertised.

So I decided that I can try it on my thigh. For a simple reason, I've a scar on there. It's just a small one, so I thought it should be concealed quite easily.

Yeah, you should never scratch your pimple!

But I guess, I was wrong! I applied a small amount on the scar and then spread it out thinly. And then it got too thin and the scar wasn't really concealed, so I added a little more, only to have that obvious colour difference! I don't know, maybe I just don't know how to apply makeup... ... *shrug*

Anyway, the conclusion is ... well, just get cosmetics from places/brands that you'll dare to apply on your face! I'm still not sure if I will ever apply this on my face... maybe, I'll try it on my neck and below my ears. If I ever find it safe to do so, I'll write about it and see if the effect is good or just ... regrettable.

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