DIY a temporary bird cage for a rescued baby mynah bird


We're given a baby mynah who had fallen from his nest and was almost being taken away by crows. 

He was really small and scared when we first got him.

We put him in a box and man-made a "nest" for him to keep him cozy and protected.

And in just 2 days, he tried to jump out of the box and didn't enjoy staying in his "nest" anymore. So we thought of putting him in a cage (we've a cage for small bird about sparrow size), but it is a little too small for him.

I did initially decided to buy a bigger cage, but he show sign of fledging (always flapping his wings) and in fact, he did successfully "fly" from his box to the table about 20cm away.

As we've already decided that we'll release him back into nature after he learnt to fly and eat by himself, I decided that maybe it's a good idea to just DIY a temporary cage for him.

I did thought of using wood or bamboo (since there are some bamboo in the neighbourhood) but I realised that I didn't have the skill to deal with wood. I've never saw or drill any of them before and wood isn't that readily available.

And the problem with bamboo is that, they're never straight, so trying to straighten them is a huge challenge and I didn't have any knowledge. Perhaps, these are the next thing I should try and pick up.

A video showing the materials and some process.

So I decided to stick to what I know well enough - popsicle sticks and cardboard. So it's just simple cutting and gluing.

I think it turned out quite well and it has been serving its purpose for days now. So far so good. And as for the baby mynah, he has grown a lot and has many milestones. He had his first bathe, taken his first flight (flying across the living room) and even played some video games. LOL!

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