Taobao Vs Shopee: When to use which?

Well, before we get into the topic, let's a few things clear.1) I'm a regular online shopper (who might just happen to shop a little more than usual shoppers LOL), so these information are largely personal opinions and experiences.2) These are NOT official information and should be use as reference o…
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DIY cake pan, cake box and paper bags!

Just recently, my sister got into no-bake cheesecake and a few of her friends requested to try her cake. (I'll say they're really bold because my sis is just a beginner with almost zero experiences!)
And like expected, there was chores! First, our freezer is so stuffed it couldn't fit the 10"…
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Hand feeding a baby mynah - it's fun yet frustrating!

As mentioned in the previous post, I was given a rescued baby mynah bird. He arrived almost fully feathered and is able to support himself (stand).But he is still a baby who couldn't eat by himself, couldn't fly nor walk properly (he waddles).He is usually cute and a joy to watch -- BUT ... at the sa…
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DIY a temporary bird cage for a rescued baby mynah bird

We're given a baby mynah who had fallen from his nest and was almost being taken away by crows. He was really small and scared when we first got him.
We put him in a box and man-made a "nest" for him to keep him cozy and protected.
And in just 2 days, he tried to jump out of the box and didn'…
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