Using Karaoke Microphone on your iPhone!

I guess its no secret that I'm always relying on the mic on my earphones to sing on singing application. However, I recently discovered that we do have some spare microphone lying around that we hardly use.

So I did some research online and discovered that its possible to use them with my iPhone and sing with them! There are a few ways to do this, the more expensive way (by getting a cable that connect the mic straight to your phone) or cheaper way by using adapter.

It's obvious which way I chose, right?

Anyway, here is what you need:

1) Microphone and XLR Cable (obviously) - $0.
If you already have a microphone, you probably have these already.

 2) XLR to Mono 3.5mm TRS - $1.

I'm no expert with these audio jacks and their segments. However, I realised that only those with one line will work. 
3) An audio split that works with iPhone. - $2.

Note that the number of lines should be as the photo. (3 lines) And you should get one that work with iPhone!

The audio split will ha…

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