Using Karaoke Microphone on your iPhone!

I guess its no secret that I'm always relying on the mic on my earphones to sing on singing application. However, I recently discovered that we do have some spare microphone lying around that we hardly use.

So I did some research online and discovered that its possible to use them with my iPhone and sing with them! There are a few ways to do this, the more expensive way (by getting a cable that connect the mic straight to your phone) or cheaper way by using adapter.

It's obvious which way I chose, right?

Anyway, here is what you need:

1) Microphone and XLR Cable (obviously) - $0.
If you already have a microphone, you probably have these already.

 2) XLR to Mono 3.5mm TRS - $1.

I'm no expert with these audio jacks and their segments. However, I realised that only those with one line will work. 
3) An audio split that works with iPhone. - $2.

Note that the number of lines should be as the photo. (3 lines) And you should get one that work with iPhone!

The audio split will ha…


Hi, this is Hiby LovesEarphones!

I actually started this blog to write about budget earphones. I tend to misplace/damage my earphones because I'm a rough user, sometimes I left my earphones in my pocket and dumped it into the washing machine. (Don't worry, 9.5/10 of them survived the wash and came out more shining than before ...)

I do have some more "mid-range" (a Sennheiser MM30i, about SG$55) pair but after losing it, I went into a state of depression (just kidding) and was pretty convinced that maybe I shouldn't buy something so expensive ever again, because the chance of losing it again is high.

So I started a "journey" to get more budget earphones, something below SG$30 that doesn't irritate my ears or make them bleed. I've tried many pairs - SoundMagic E10C, Remax Rm-610D, RM-305M, 1More 1M301... etc and I'll be sharing my experience about them with you guys. But do take note that I'm no professional or sound engineer with great knowledge, I'm just sharing my experience.

However, earphones are not the only things that I seek for cheaper alternatives.

I tend to turn to Chinese/underdog brands for things like electronics and mobile related gadgets too.
So basically, this blog is about "budget/cheaper alternatives" and probably where to get them (either online like Taobao, Qoo10, Aliexpress blah). And of course, some of my daily rants and boring life...