Using Karaoke Microphone on your iPhone!

I guess its no secret that I'm always relying on the mic on my earphones to sing on singing application. However, I recently discovered that we do have some spare microphone lying around that we hardly use.

So I did some research online and discovered that its possible to use them with my iPhone and sing with them! There are a few ways to do this, the more expensive way (by getting a cable that connect the mic straight to your phone) or cheaper way by using adapter.

It's obvious which way I chose, right?

Anyway, here is what you need:

1) Microphone and XLR Cable (obviously) - $0.
If you already have a microphone, you probably have these already.

 2) XLR to Mono 3.5mm TRS - $1.

I'm no expert with these audio jacks and their segments. However, I realised that only those with one line will work. 
3) An audio split that works with iPhone. - $2.

Note that the number of lines should be as the photo. (3 lines) And you should get one that work with iPhone!

The audio split will ha…

Best Budget Multiple Ports Charging Hub of 2017!

Most of us own more than 1 smart device that requires charging - power banks, phones, tablets, smart watches ... etc. And the charging ports are never enough! I can't say how many times during that I've to be fighting for a USB port to charging my dying phone or power bank.

That's why I'm so glad that Multiple Ports Charging Hubs are invented; 1 hub to charge all your devices (hopefully)... It just makes things much more easier and peaceful.

If you do a quick search on Google, you'll probably find the more "popular" brands like Aukey and Anker popping up. However, there are many other brands and options out there that are cheaper and yet perform as well. And now I'm going to down a simple "shoot-out" of the 4 Multiple Ports charging hub I've reviewed and pick my "personal best".

Although they're all Chinese brands, they perform very well. (Reasonably well for some)

But before the shoot-out, I would suggest you read my previous reviews on the items, which I've provided the links below. It's not compulsory though, but it might give you a more in depth details about each charging hubs.

Firstly, I'll start with the Pros and Cons:

Remax Youth Edition Multiple Ports (5 Ports) USB Charging Hub
Full review: Remax Youth Edition Multiple Ports (5 Ports) USB Charging Hub

Remax Youth Edition Multiple Ports (5 Ports) USB Charging Hub

Choice of EU, UK and US power cord
Design is simple and has a "cute" look
Cheapest of all 4

2.4A port doesn't supply even 1.5A charging current
2.1A port seems to supply only 1.0A. (Tried with a few devices)
Some ports seems to only provide 0.5A when all ports were used
Slight smell (when heated)
Gets really hot when all ports were used

LDNIO A6703 7A Six 6 ports Charging Hub
Full review: LDNIO A6703 7A Six 6 ports Charging Hub

LDNIO A6703 7A Six 6 ports Charging Hub

Choice of EU, UK and US power cord
Nice Design, solid build
Current for all ports stay at 1.0A even when all ports were used
Auto-ID to auto allocate current
Cheap (Under $20)

Unattractive Packaging (if it's nicer, it'll make a good gift)
Auto-ID sometimes not detecting correctly, hence not supplying amount of charge correctly

CD ComingData 5 Ports Charging Hub
Full review: CD Coming Data 5 ports Charging Hub 

CD ComingData 5 USB Ports Charging Hub with QC3.0

Choice of EU, UK and US power cord
Charging current is pretty stable (above 1.4A) when all 4 non-QC ports were used
Has a QC3.0 port
SmartCT to auto allocate current
Simple and nice design, bass is stable for placing vertically on desk.
Fast Charging, fastest of all. (See table below)
Solid build
Cheap (Under $20)

Charging current is at 1.6-1.7A despite being a 2.4A port.
Unattractive Packaging that looks cheap.
Slight smell when heated
Gets pretty hot.

Hagibis HADE1901-C 6 ports Charging Hub
Full Review: Hagibis HADE1901-C 6 ports Charging Hub

Hagibis HADE1901-C 6 ports Charging Hub


Charging current is pretty stable (above 1.5A) even when more than 3 ports were used

Stylish and cool design.
Solid build
Doesn't get too hot even after long hours of usage
Auto/Smart-ID to auto allocate current
Charging is fast. (See table below)

The most expensive of all (Slightly over SG$20).

Well, I've done a table to show the results.


- I always charge the iPhone 6+ on the fastest Non-QC port. So the ports used are as follow:

Remax Youth Edition: 2.4A port
LDNIO: (random port due to it having Auto-ID)
Habigis: (random port due to it having Auto/Smart-ID)
CD Coming Data: (random Non-QC port, since all were 2.4A as stated)

- For the CD ComingData Charging hub, I only use the 4 Non-QC ports.

Number of
Time to Charge iPhone 6+ from 20% - 100% Remax LDNIO Habigis CD ComingData
1 port used only 3hrs 30 mins 3hrs - 2hrs 22mins
All (Non-QC) ports used 3hrs 40mins 3hrs 20mins 2hrs 36mins 2hrs 24mins
Number of Ports 5 6 6 5 (1QC3.0, 4 Non-QC)
Max Charger Current detected of the port used 2.1A 2.4A 2.4A 2.4A
Max Charging Current observed of the port
(when All ports used)
~820mA~920mA ~1560mA ~1650mA
Hotness after 2 hours of usage when all ports used
(Scale of 0-5)
4.53 1 3

Now, if you ask me which is my "personal best"  Budget Multiple Ports Charging Hub, I'll say it's the WINNER is Hagibis HADE1901-C 6 ports Charging Hub. Simply for the fact that I need as many ports as possible and that its the "coolest"charging hub that doesn't give off any smell even when used for long hours. 

But of course, your "personal best" could be different from mine, it all comes down to personal preferences.


  1. Where can I get the Hagibis charging hub? Do you have a link?


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