LDNIO A6703 7A 6 ports Charging Hub Review

My father bought this charger back when he was in Malaysia because its cheap. It cost about RM50. (The exchange rate is roughly SG$1 : RM3) So this baby cost about SG$17 after the conversion.

What he didn't know is that I've actually bought 2 other charging hub during the 10 days he was on his little "honeymoon" in Malaysia with my mum.

But oh well, this would also mean one more budget alternative to try! So let's get going now!


Output port: 6 USB ports
Input: AC 100-240 in
Output: 5V 7A
Size: 95.8×66.4×31.5 mm
Power Cord: 150 cm

Firstly, I'll start with the "unboxing". To be honest, the packaging is neither attractive nor a total turn-off. Basically a rather "unsurprising" unboxing experience. It's also not very presentable as a gift, because of the somewhat bleh and cheap-looking packaging.

LDNIO A6703 7A Six 6 ports Charging Hub
LDNIO A6703 7A Six 6 ports Charging HubLDNIO A6703 7A Six 6 ports Charging Hub

But the charging hub itself does looks and feel rather solid and "trust-able" (basically, it just doesn't look like it'll break easily or cause a power trip).

LDNIO A6703 7A Six 6 ports Charging HubLDNIO A6703 7A Six 6 ports Charging Hub

LDNIO A6703 7A Six 6 ports Charging Hub

This charging hub has become our "official" charging hub now. We've been using it for more than 3 weeks now and with our "long list' of devices:

1 x iPad Mini 1
1 x iPad Mini 2
1 x iPhone 6 Plus
1 x iPhone 6S Plus
1 x iPhone 5S
2 x 10000 mAh Power Bank (and a few more ranging from 4800mAh - 10400mAh)

You can expect this baby to be always "busy" (or even "abused").

However, it surprised me. I realised that the current each port supply (when 2 or more ports were in use, all the way to all 6 ports) is pretty constant at about 900-1000ish mA. If only one port is in use, the charging current can be up to 1450ish mA.

Other Observations:

The application on my devices detected the Max charger current as 2400mA, for all ports.

The charging hub gets a little hot to touch when more than 3 ports are being used at the same time. However, it also cools down pretty fast too, so nothing to worry about.

The hub came with Auto-ID, however it Sometimes doesn't detect my iPhone 6+ as a device that can draw 2.1A and only supply it with a Max Charger current of 1.0A to it. I don't know if its the charger or that my phone is jailbroken or that I've had the battery replaced before as the hub is able to detect both my iPad Mini 1 & 2 and supply over 1.5A to it.

*Update: I guess the problem is with the charging hub. When I used my phone with another charger, it's able to supply 2.1A and the charging current stays above 1400mA.*

The average time needed to charge an iPad from 20% to 100% is about 7 hours.
The average time to charge an iPhone 6 Plus from 20ish% - 100% is about 3-3.5 hours.

Overall Score: 4/5. 

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