Remax RP-U31 3USB Moon Charger Review

I spend most of my time in my room, in front of my computer and I always find it a pain when I need to charge my phone and power bank at the same time.

You see, the charging hub is in the living room (my mum's "camp") and I only have a single port charger in my room and I'll need to alternate between my LED light that is powered by USB, my iPhone and power bank.

Yeah, again, I turn to the huge and seemingly limitless online shopping sites and I picked a brand I'm familiar and trust - Remax.

I've been using the Remax RP-U31 3USB Moon Charger for half a month now and I like how it is working and solving my problem.

First of all, I must start with its packaging! I really love Remax's packaging designs - simply, straight-forward, yet very presentable. There is no unnecessary "fluff" to impress but everything inside is what you need.

The charger came with:
1 x 2.0A port and
2 x 1.0A ports.

I've tried using all ports simultaneously and everything and collated the "reading" below.
*Note: This is not professional testing, just my personal experience. Also, I'm not monitoring the reading constantly, I just leave it there and check back once in a while.

Port 1: 2.0A iPhone 6 Plus
Port 2: 1.0A 10000mAh Power Bank
Port 3: 1.0A LED Light

I only did a short observation for this charger by using all 3 ports at the same time. My observations are as follows:

- Basically, my iPhone 6 Plus detected Port 1 as supplying 2.1A of current, and its charging at 1450 - 1800ish mA.

- The power bank in Port 2 is charging with about 780-900ish mA.

- The plug is warm to touch after 30 minutes of use and stay pretty much warm to touch throughout.

- Time taken to charge the iPhone 6 plus (jailbroken) from 32% to 100% is roughly 2-2.5 hours.

Remax RP-U31 3USB Moon Charger does an excellent job and stay quite true to its promise, with both the 2.0A (2000mA) and 1.0A (1000mA) ports provide charging current as promised. Charging is fast and safe.

Overall Score: 4.5/5.

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