Because You don't have a proper job, that's why you're buying budget items!

Well, I know this blog is supposed to cover about budget/underdog items and brands... however, I've just hear rude comments from someone (not close) that I decided to discuss about it here.

I admit that I'm a little offended by the way the person put the message across.

It happened when I told her that I keep a blog that talks about budget items that I try and share it with my readers.

And she said in a tone that is both jokingly and despising, "Because You don't have a proper job, that's why you're buying budget items!"

Yes, I am not having a "proper job" (which is up to you to decide what is proper) but I am working at least! I've stable income, just that I don't hold a "full-time" job!

So basically, "Whatever!" I really don't bother explaining to her that I can well afford "branded" items but I just find them overprice and sometimes even overrated. And that some underdog brands produce great products too!

So oh well... ...


  1. It's really rude of that person. Budget or not, full time job or not, is a personal choice.
    I also buy budget items myself if they prove to be good. As long as you can provide for yourself, that's fine.

    Such people are narrow minded and should be ignored.

  2. Best way to deal with it is to just ignore.

  3. It could be true. But just how many rich people are there? Most of us aren’t rich even when we have a proper full time job.


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