Dragon Touch Vision 4 4K Action Camera

I recently bought a Dragon Touch Vision 4 action camera from Shopee SG for SG$65. This action camera cost only about  1/8 of the price of a GoPro HERO 8 but doesn't its perform only at 1/8 the quality too? Let's find out.

Dragon Touch Vision 4Video Resolution: 4K 30FPS, EIS 4K 30FPS (3200…
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Is Shopee Ads worth it?

I know I shouldn't be pouring more money into this "business" of mine, but well ... *sigh* I thought to give it a try. You know at the end of it, at least I tried.
I bought $20 worth of Ad Credits as Shopee suggest running Ads for 2 weeks to see any meaningful results.So, how does Shopee Ads wor…
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ZhenWei Crispy Mooncakes Review

Firstly, I've to apologise for the poor image quality. I think my photography skills doesn't do the mooncakes any justice. So I'll be using mostly photos from ZhenWei's facebook page instead because I do not want to destroy your first impression with my bwang photography! This is not the first…
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My little DIY "packaging" for pens

I've mentioned that my sister have bought a bunch of stationaries which she will give out to her students. 
But then we're face with a problem ... we bought a box of 12 pens with refills and wanted to give them out individually. 
You can imagine how "ugly" or cheapskate it would look if you j…
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2020 Children's Day Taobao Spree

Every year, I'm tasked to buy Children's Day gifts for my sister who works in a school environment. So it's the time of the year again and I love it that I can "legally and openly" have a Shopping Spree!!Woohoo!!Ok, fine, I've been buying stuffs online all these while, I don't r…
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