My little DIY "packaging" for pens


I've mentioned that my sister have bought a bunch of stationaries which she will give out to her students. 

But then we're face with a problem ... we bought a box of 12 pens with refills and wanted to give them out individually. 

You can imagine how "ugly" or cheapskate it would look if you just pass the person 1 pen and a refill... So I decided to try and DIY some "packaging" to solve the problem.

My sister says she wants a card that says "Good luck and All the best" so I decided to make something to bundle the pens and then stick it to the back of the cards.

So I printed some "strips" on sticker papers. I think printing on normal non-sticker paper would work too, you just have to scrotch tape them to bundle the pen and refill together.

I made 2 mistakes here - actually just one. I printed the wrong file. I've made another version whereby the text is white and the length is longer. This one is a little too short to stick to the back of the card, so I used it to just bundle the pens instead.

And what is left is just clipping the card to the clipper of the pen.

Both sis and I are happy with how it turned out.

This "packaging" took me just 20-30 minutes to make and it's cutting that takes up most of the time. If you have a paper cutter or die cutter, it'll be much faster.

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