Earphone Rant: Revonext QT5 Upgraded but not better


Warning: This will not be a earphone review, but a rant! LOL
I've actually bought a pair of Revonext QT5 earphone in late March this year. I got the copper-pink one with microphone. They're not very expensive, you cna get them around SG$30, which is quite a deal for the quality.

QT5 sounds good on almost all genre I listen to and has this really energetic bass with comfortable and crisp tremble. And the best of all, it's microphone is pretty remarkable.
How do I know?
Well, during the Circuit Breaker, mum has kidnapped the pair and used it as her microphone to sing on her karaoke app. She aquired quite a huge following and as she claims, "have fans and people who wants to duet with her". It is also the earphone she use for her sing lessons via Zoom.

Anyway, she adores the QT5 microphone so much, I can never get it back.


Yeah, tragic strikes. Well, due to her rough usage - tagging in bag, dipped once into the soup of her prawn mee, swing and hit the wall twice, fell for table height X times... etc The pair finally decide it's time to go... One of the drivers in the right side came loose and was "bouncing" around in the casing... so sometimes the audio would get a little too "dynamic" ... and then weeks later the cable connecting to the microphone snapped. Uh-oh, there goes her microphone! 

So, I was tasked to buy her a replacement. Well, I gave her a spare replacement cable with microphone to use for the time being. She didn't really like the microphone but think it's "OK".

I went back to the same store and ordered a pair in Gun metal, also with microphone (obviously!) Waited for about a week and then got it in my hands.

Honestly, I still prefers the copper-pink one, it seems to have more personality, but gun metal is quite cool too. The metal casing is superb quality and feels really great. 

When I opened the box, OH Wow! Not only a microphone but also a 3 button remote! They also upgraded their connector ... The connector on the previous one doesn't have their branding on it and seems a little less protected than this upgraded one!

I was excited and pleasantly surprised by the upgrade ... A cable with 3 button remote has been something I've been planning to get as that would make it easier for me to adjust the volume/skip tracks during deliveries. And the best thing is, this remote works with IOS!!

But erm... it's mum's so yeah, I got her to test it out by singing a song on the karaoke app. Uh-oh ... bad news!! The microphone is ...bleh!!

Like ... really disappointing!! There is this constant statics (or whatever you call it) sound when you sing... and it gets recorded... so for every recording there is this annoying "eeeekk...eeeeeeeeeeee.... zzzzzzz" sound in the background. Also it tend to get soft or muted randomly, so one moment we're singing loud enough at your current level, the next it may become almost inaudible ... it's a nightmare to use for singing!

I went and search online ... and found that most of the reviewers have gotten theirs with a cable like my previous pair.

Source: audiobudget.com

So I asked the seller and he told me that I've gotten the version with an upgraded cable ... He asked me to take a look at the box... indeed there is a stick which says "upgraded cable".

Erm... but I don't really feel there is any upgrade in terms of sound or microphone quality ... the upgrade is just the esthetics and well a 3 button remote controller.

And now... problem still not solved, instead I've more questions. Should I try again and get another pair with non-upgraded cable or should I just try out other brands?

But erm ... What brands comes with good microphones?

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