Shipment: Why does some small items weight so much?


Have you ever examine your shipment details only to find some small items rediculously heavy?

Like for example, the photo above whereby a USB3.0 card reader weights almost 300g?

Here is the reason why.

So basically, they're going take the heavier of the two - the volumetric weight or the actual weight of the parcel/item.

The card reader's actual weight is just 0.070KG while it's volumetric weight is 0.297KG so that is how the card reader magically got heavier!

I've bought 8 items on this particular shopping "spree" and I realised that half of my items were taking the volumetric weight which is at least twice or more than its actual weight.

I don't mind that, I mean, I'm aware of this clause. However, I didn't expect that items' weight can triple just like that. 

Anyway, just a reminder if you're trying to save as much on shipping as possible, you might want to talk with the seller to pack the items smaller. Sometimes the seller will use a big box for a small item just to stuff more bubble wrapping around. If your item doesn't need so much protection then just let the seller know you don't need a big box.

Do note that if you buy many items from different sellers, you might get a shock when the shipment bill comes! That kinda happened to me this time round, as I didn't expect all of the small items ended up weighing 300-500g.

I'm so glad I opted for sea shipment, else I would overshot by way too much. Since air shipping charge by per 0.5KG instead of per KG.

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