ZhenWei Crispy Mooncakes Review


Firstly, I've to apologise for the poor image quality. I think my photography skills doesn't do the mooncakes any justice. So I'll be using mostly photos from ZhenWei's facebook page instead because I do not want to destroy your first impression with my bwang photography!

This is not the first time I've bought cripsy mooncakes from ZhenWei. I remember it was last years's (2019) Lantern Festival that I discovered this gem while shopping at the Mooncake Fair in Takashimaya Square.

That year, we actually wanted to get Peony Jade Pumpkin Yam mooncake but they sell like hotcakes and we didn't manage to get one. And then ZhenWei caught our attention. Not only are they cheaper, they also offer the option to buy just 2 pieces instead of 4. 

ZhenWei's price list
(probably too late now that Mooncake festival is over)

And this year, they've come out a combo mix whereby they sell a box with 4 difference flavours (pumpkin yam, pure yam, single yolk yam and sesame yam). I've gotten a box of that from Shopee for $53.50 nett but it's as a gift for my grandma so I don't get to try all the flavours. For my family, I got a box of 2 x pumpkin yam and a box of 2 x pure yam since none of us have enough last year when we got only 2 pieces! 

ZhenWei doesn't add any preservative into their crispy mooncakes, so they can only last 7 days if kept in the fridge and 3 days if not. Hence they provided a card with the manufacture date and instructions of how you can heat up the mooncakes after taken out from the fridge. For me, I choose to toast them in my mini toaster, but you can choose whichever way suits you best.


Taste wise, the fillings are really abundance and have a great smooth texture. We tried the pumpkin yam one and it's really quite tasty. The yam is as usual, very tasty and fragrance while not being overly sweet but the pumpkin doesn't have much taste. I really prefers their pure yam ones. 

Ok, I told you, I take bad photos -_-

As for the skin, it really depends on how you heat it up. Heat it up right and what you get is outside crispy and inside tender! 

However, there is one thing that you've to take note and that is ... the mooncakes are on the oily side as they're being fried instead of baked. Last year during the mooncake fair, they'll fry the mooncakes on the spot before boxing it up.

This is the kitchen towel that I use to wipe the tray that I baked ONE mooncake on. Yes, it's quite oily. And if you're like me, standing there to watch the mooncake bake, you'll see the oil oozing out.

But you know ... mooncakes are a once a year thing, so my family and I doesn't mind the oiliness ... it's not like we're very health conscious in the first place... Plus it's so tasty that it's on our "wanted" list since we only get 2 pieces last year and everyone doesn't seem to get enough of it!

Well, this is my review of ZhenWei's crispy mooncakes. They're absolutely delicious and the yam paste is just right! Not too sweet or bland! If you ask me, my preference would be their pure yam ones. My cousin says the sesame yam is tasty too.   

However, if you're the health and weight conscious type, then you might not like that it's oily.

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