2020 Children's Day Taobao Spree


Every year, I'm tasked to buy Children's Day gifts for my sister who works in a school environment. So it's the time of the year again and I love it that I can "legally and openly" have a Shopping Spree!!


Ok, fine, I've been buying stuffs online all these while, I don't really need a reason for that but you know, it's like now you've an official degree to do that!!

And obviously, I bought something for myself too!

Anyway, prior to getting the gifts, I actually did a quick " comparison" between Shopee SG and Taobao. Price wise Taobao is cheaper for most items, but then Shopee SG has a cheaper and "fixed" shipment fee ... which means, while Taobao selling price is cheaper, it might end up being more expensive or the same as on Shopee SG after adding in shipping fee (which is kinda unpredictable). Remember how a card reader turn from 70g to 300g?

Anyway, price is not the main factor I choose to buy from Taobao, but it's wide range of products, it definitely have much more choices than Shopee SG!

The Stationeries 

Correction Tapes

These correction tapes were cheap and really cute! They comes in box of 5 or 6 (depending on the designs). They'll end up about SGD$1-1.20 each, including shipment. 

Workmanship wise, it could be better as I did spot small gaps on a few of them but they doesn't affect the functionality. Overall, happy with these cute little correction tapes which made really good gifts.

The Pens


Sis have decided to get some "mature looking pens" for the older kids and "cuter" ones for the younger ones. There are a lot of choices on Taobao for pens, some of the metalic "fountain pen look-alike" are really cool but way over her budget. So we settled for this box of 12 pens by M&G. It also comes with 20 refills and a clear plastic case. These cost about SG$5.50-6.

They're presentable, good to hold and writes smoothly.

These are slightly more expensive than the above pens, they cost around SG$1 each with no refills or case. And I'm a little disappointed as some of them came with loose/dangling parts. Though they can be fixed but I'm kinda afraid they might come apart again.

Origami Papers

My sister have 2 students who were very inrterested in Origami. And my sister decided to get some origami papers for them. These cost SG$3 each. There are about 300-350 pieces in each of the packet. The papers are 6.3x6.3cm. I love how they have these plastic "pouch" which is more durable and can be reused when the paper runs out.

Paper quality wise, they're ok, not the best but not the worst. They're not the thickest but at least not overly thin. I estimate they're about 60-70gsm. The print wise is superb, love how colourful and sweet they are!

That is pretty much everything for the 2020 Children's Day gifts!

As for me, I've gotten 2 USB3.0 card readers one for a known brand, the other is an unknown brand, and also some sticker papers. But bleh, they're not wtaerproof ... the colours just runs when contact with water. -_-"

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