GrabFood Rant: Grab have a really interesting way to reward their delivery partners!!

The new incentives for walkers have been release and I'm pretty shocked to know how Grab is rewarding their delivery partners for their hardwork!

I mean, we see a great jump in minimum number of trips to qualify for the Quest incentives while the incentive bonus has been decreased!

What do I mean?

Well, let's see the incentives from last week.

You need to complete 25 trips to get $30 incentives and 15 trips for $15 for the Weekday Quest! Now, that is pretty reasonable, considering the time needed to deliver an order. (You can get a rough idea from my previous post I calculated the hourly rate of a GrabFood Walker and ... )

Now the new Quest incentive is like this:

Let's have them compared ... 

You'll need at least 25 trips to even qualify for the incentive and then you get $5 less (it's $30 previously, now it's only $25!) They do add another "tier" which you need 40 trips to qualify... and that, I can tell you is quite impossible! Well, of course unless you work VERY long hours or say, get a PMD!

I work for about 7 hours (from about 12+,1 - 7+pm) and then I could only do about 6-7 trips, and this is the maximum I can do by skipping lunch (I just munch on bread or not at all). I rest from 8-8:45pm to watch a show and have my dinner. After that, if I'm lucky, I get another 1-2 order between 8:45-10pm.

It is possible to get 8 trips per day but that would means that you've to work more than 7.5-8 hours per day and you must be fit enough to cover all that distance. Remember, I'm working 7 days a week.

As for the weekend Quest, the incentive decreased from $20 to $18 for 15 trips. And then... the new "tier" ... 25 trips in 2 days ... I'll just say this -  I'm not training for marathon nor do my muscles have that capacity!

Remember, I calculated an average of about $6/hr? Now, it'll just go lower because the incentives have decreased while the higher tiers are impossible to meet.

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  1. I think I'm the only one who suffer from this! Grab keep raise target but cut bonus! I'm also walker, I work hard everyday then I got cut zone boost now cut quest bonus somemore ... very unfair and difficult to make more


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