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Ship by Sea or Air? My experience with Taobao Official Sea Shipment

Well, I've been shopping on Taobao again and this time round, due to some bulky items and "air restricted" items, I've to choose shipment by sea.

I am still not sure why but there are a few items (ear simulator) that I can't choose to ship by air but is made possible when I choose the …
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WRZ X6 Sport Earphone Review

General SpecificationBrand Name WRZModel Number  X6 Headphones Type  In-ear  Impedance16Ω  Cable Length (m)  1.25m ± 5cm  Frequency Range20-20000Hz Sensitivity98dB ± 2dB/mWPlug Type 3.5mm, Straight Plug Control  Resistor based volume control

Packing and Accessories In the box:

X6 in-ear headph…
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Children's Day Gifts Ideas

Children's day is round the corner and my sister, who works in a school is in need of some gifts for the students. She has a budget and it's very low - each gift shouldn't be higher than SG$2 (She prefers it to be below $1 actually).
I think it's not hard to imagine, there are very limited r…
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PingAn International Express (Taobao forwarder) Review

I've ordered some rechargeable batteries again from Taobao recently. And batteries are considered sensitive goods so I couldn't ship via the Taobao official forwarder.

I had to engage a "private" forwarder and I turn to PingAn International Express which price is very reasonable and one of…
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Orico BTA-403 Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter Review

I've recently updated my computer and I'm finally able to install Citra, a 3DS emulator! However, I realised that using the keyboard as controller is as fun as playing with a real game controller!!

I do have a Bluetooth controller - 8bitdo NES30 Pro, which I hardly use because it doesn't work so…
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Most compatiable Data/Charging Cables for your I-Devices?

One of my favourite cable died today and I took out one of my spare one to use, only to realise that it wasn't able to charge my iPad Mini 2, AGAIN.

My iPad Mini has been suffering from "Princess Syndrome" all these while. She is very picky about what cables works with her and often throw her…
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