A rant: "Why am I not motivated?"

I've recently met up with a classmate of mine. She was the "good student" who would do her homework and put in efforts during exams. It's no wonder she is a straight Aces student.

However, when we met up, she told me that her motivation level has dropped and she find it harder to "mov…
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The 3 months Tummy-Flattening Challenge! 5th August Update

It has been more than a week since I last updated about this challenge. Well, I haven't really been "on target". There are 2 days which I didn't even hit the "bare minimum" of 2 exercise. I just did one, although I did more times than usually.

I know that is no excuse, but I ende…
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KZ ED16 Stock Cable Vs BQEYZ C1 Cable Vs Brandless Cable with Controller

I don't really like the stock cable that came with my KZ ED16. I think it feels flimsy and I don't really like the design. So I went and got myself 2 replacement cables for different purposes.

1) BQEYZ C1 Cable which comes with Mic

2) A random, brandless cable that comes with Mic and volume control …
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15x vs 20x Macro Lens: Does more magnifying factor means better?

Before I go into the comparison between the 2 lenses, I'd like to introduce a new lens which I recently bought online. I know I said I don't really enjoy carrying the lenses around nor are they very convenient to use, but I recently was back into Macro photography again. I just love the details when…
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