It's the smartphone's fault! Not mine!

I guess we probably have read or heard about how smartphones are causing lives, accidents, depressions and other tragedies.

We seems to condemn and blame the smartphone a lot, but deep down we should know that it's never the phone! It's us or we or I or you - the users.

Many times we can put our phone down - like when you know your boss will exit from the door right behind your table at 3:26pm sharp. You'll make sure you won't be on your phone at that time. Like when you're in a cinema watching your favourite celebrity in action, you'll know to switch your phone to silent mode and shove it into your pocket. Or like when you've owe people money and doesn't want to be found...

However, we couldn't put down our phone when we're driving or crossing the road, even when its just for a few minutes. Perhaps, at times, we do overestimate our ability to multitask.

We think we could(or maybe feel it doesn't matter) take that few seconds or milliseconds to throw a Pokeball or take a glance at the messages and get back to driving (or crossing the road). We thought we could resist all temptations to continue reading the message or take a 2nd throw when the first one misses that cute Pokemon.

I've seen my father done that many times. Nope, he doesn't play games, so he doesn't catch Pokemons. But he has that habit to answer phone calls or read messages when driving. It's like the earth will explode if he doesn't take that call or see that message at that moment.

But we all know, it doesn't, the earth will more likely be destroyed by global warming than an explosion because he didn't read that message. But for whatever excuses reason he has, he just have to do that.

Has accident happened? Well fortunately, nope. But almost.

There was once we were on a highway and he had a call from his colleague. My mom told him not to take it, because we're just like 15 minutes away from our destination.

But he had to(or the earth would explode, remember?). Plus he has years of experience driving. So he started reaching into his pocket for his phone.

From that moment, I noticed that the car was steadily slanting towards the right side... and it seems we're not quite in the lane... the next moment "HONK!" a loud and long honk was heard as a car sped passed ours. It was that close to our car, I felt I could talk to the teenage girl sitting in the back seat of that car. Oh well, that car was speeding, I guess.

My dad turned the steering wheel to the left to avoid. I guess he was taken by surprised and had steered a little too hard (plus he was on one hand). Now he is too left and almost crashed into the divider at the side. Of course he managed to steer back in time with the help of his other hand.

And you know what's the funny thing? He haven't even answered the call. He was still digging his phone out from his pocket when all these happened. (You know how hard it's to take something out from your front pocket while you're sitting down!)

But, of course its the phone's fault. You see, it shouldn't ring at that time. It should know that my dad is driving and shouldn't be taking calls. You see, it's the phone's fault!

So has he learnt from this incident?

Nope, because 'it's the phone's fault, not his.


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    1. Hi Janice,

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