GrabFood Update: Adjustments in bonus and incentives!

Alright, I'm back once again to update about GrabFood!

Bad news! GrabFood have recently changed their bonus and incentives. I'm not sure if the change affects other modes of delivery (PMD, Motorbike and cars) but it definitely did for Walkers.

Reduction in Zone Boost



1) Starting from 7th October 2019, GrabFood will no longer give gems to any zone outside of Downtown to its Walkers.

2) The number of gems earned per trip has dropped from 20 to 10, hence you've to do twice the number of trips (from 2 to 4) to qualify for the Zone Boost bonus.

This would means that I'll no longer qualify for the Zone Boost as I'll only be delivering in the Central area. :/ Basically, I can expect a $15-20 drop per week in my earning as that is the amount I usually earn from the Zone Boost.

Changes in Quest Incentive


 This is the incentive chart from before 7th October.

As you can see from the charts above (top one being the "old" chart for before 7th October), GrabFood have lowered the incentives bonus by $5 for both the Weekend and Weekday quests.

Weekday Quest:

From $35 for 25 trips to $30.
From $20 for 15 trips to $15.

Weekend Quest:

From $25 for 15 trips to $20.
From $10 for 8 trips to $10.(This one has no change!) 

How does it affect me? 

The most obvious impact would be that as a walker, I'd earn much lesser per month. (5 x 4 + 4 x 15 = $80 lesser) for the same amount of effort put in.

But of course this has also given me more flexibility as I'm no longer going to plan my schedule around the peak hours. Also, competitions might be lower during the timing. However, it's all too early to tell, who knows the overall competition is going to increase as everyone works towards taking more orders to cover for the "loss" from Zone Boost.

Anyway, I shall update again about this.

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