Grabfood Update: Unfortunately, there'll be impatient people...

This is the first time I've encountered this since working with GrabFood. Apparently, a customer doesn't want a walker delivering his order because he wants his order within 30 minutes and finds a walker would be too slow for that job.

While I can't blame him for expecting food fast because its almost midnight, I can't fulfill his wish because it was a batch/group order whereby his order is 2nd in the queue and my first order would take me 10 or more minutes already and his order is still being prepared at that very moment he demanded it to be made within 30 minutes. In fact, his order wasn't ready 5 minutes later when I left the restaurant. Sorry, but I won't make exceptions and cut the queue for you, even if you live in terraced house. All customers are equal.

Anyway, from now on, customer who is 1st in queue will be known as "C1" while the other, "C2".

So I contacted GrabFood on the chat and show them the above sceenshot to let them know about customer's request and have them reassigned another delivery personal who doesn't work on "human-muscle powered motor" LOL. I also let them know, I'll continue to deliver C1's order.

I happily collected the order for the C1 and made my way down. To my surprise, C2's order wasn't been reassigned yet and remained in my queue list even when I reached the C1's house. I couldn't go ahead and complete C1's delivery (it's the way the Grab's system work), so I've to call the hotline to get C2's order reassigned. In the end, all went well, I delivered C1's order and he is happy while C2 get his order reassigned to someone who can satisfy his needs.

Well, that's the case for service line, you do face some less understanding and impatient customer. But don't get disheartened if you're considering to join as a walker, most of the customers are fairly understanding and have higher patient level. Don't let a few 老鼠屎 (rat feces) 坏了一锅汤 (spoil the whole pot of porridge)! :)

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