Neck hands-free Fan/Sport fan Review

It has been a while since I last review on products I bought online. LOL. Now, it's time to get "back on track".

I've gotten a hands-free neck fan recently from Taobao. I thought it would be good to have one when I deliver on hot days.

It is about the same price if I were to get one on Shopee, but since there is something I wanted to buy that wasn't available on Shopee but Taobao, I decided to get both items from Taobao instead.

This fan cost me about SG$7-8, including shipping fees.

The Packaging

The box is very simple paper box that came slightly squashed due to the shipping. The specifications are printed on the side of the box.

The fan came with a 2000mA battery and promises 4-12 hours usage, depending on the speed you choose. Included in the box are: 1 Micro USB cable for charging, a paper manual and of course, the fan with in built battery.

The Product

The product is a simple U-shaped plastic band (which house the mechanics and battery) with 2 flexible thick cables extending out of each end. The extended cables are then connected to 2 mini fans blades that are enclosed safely in a "cage". There is another version whereby you can take the battery out and replace it but I didn't get that one.

The "fans" may look a little small but they are quite powerful, especially on speed 2 and 3. Yes, the fan came with 3 speed. They're controlled by pressing on the on button (once to turn On at speed 1, twice to Speed 2 and then once more for Speed 3). The button will blink according to the fan speed (it's not obvious btw) but you will be able to feel the difference from the strength of the wind.

 I did a simple Gif to show the strength of the wind of different speed.

Charging is via Micro USB and there are lights to indicate the status of charging and battery life. Red for still charging or low power and blue when its done or when there is still enough juice. 

Using it


Unfortunately, putting the fan on can make you look kinda ... comical. The neck band is a little stiff and inflexible. Comfort wise, it's quite ok as it doesn't really put much pressure on your neck. The flexible cable, on the other hand provides enough flexibility and strength to hold the fans at the needed angles.

The fans are of course cooling enough in most cases. I haven't use it when I was out delivering but I did use it when I got home after all the walking and when I was helping mum to cook, it's pretty satisfying!

However, there are a few occasions when I was making "big" movements and the fan moved out of position and I've to readjust it. So kinda not as "hands-free" as I expected.

Battery life is quite ok, as I've tried it non-stop for 1 hour 10 minutes on Speed 3 and its still going strong. However, the battery life indication, which is the at the On/off button is not at a position whereby you can see it when in use so you may not be warn in time.



- Strength of wind is good and powerful
- The cables are flexible and strong enough to hold the fans at the needed angles
- Battery life is Ok. (Tried non-stop for 1 hour on Speed 3 and the fan is still going strong) 
- Hands-free in most situations
- Charging status indication
- Charging time is reasonable
- Quite Comfortable and light


- It's slightly noisy (just very slight)

- Neck band is inflexible
- Comical to wear
- Battery life indicator is not at a place you can see
- The fan can move around due to your movements

I've only been using this for a few days, so this is my "first" impression of it thus far. I actually regret not doing enough research before buying one as I did see there is another "Upgraded version" whereby the neck band looks less bulky and more flexible. It cost more but perhaps it will look less comical, just my guess.


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