The 3 months Tummy-Flattening Challenge! - After 3 months!

The final day of the challenge is supposed to be on the 20th of October, but I only have time to post this now.

Even though I've stopped the challenge midway, I've decided to still report about the results as I'm "exercising" almost daily, walking around delivering food.

So I would like to highlight that although I didn't do the tummy exercises on a daily basis, I did at least 1 of them 1-2 times fortnightly and then I was walking at least 3-4km daily.

This is for the most protruding part of my belly (my lower) which we see only about 0.5cm decrease (from 76 to 75.5)... oops. 

For the waist, we do see slightly more results with about 3cm (73.5 to 70.5) decrease!

I've no idea about what causes the differences between the 2 areas (waist and lower belly) but I guess the lower belly fats are way more stubborn and harder to lose. So unless I get started on those tummy exercises again, it'll probably stay the way it is now... :|

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