Harder and harder to earn as a GrabFood Walker. Unfairness to Walkers.

I've worked with GrabFood for almost 5 months now and I kind of think that it has been harder to earn working as a walker. Seems like Grab is treating their walkers unfairly!

As you can see the statement of a week of September 2019 and a week of December 2019. The decrease is almost $100! That is quite a lot!!

Well, I've thought about it and came up with a few possible "reasons" for the decrease.

Disclaimer: These are my personal opinion and experiences.

1) Reduced Zone Boost Areas

I've mentioned this previously, that Walkers only received Zone Boost bonus if they deliver in the Downtown Zone. While some would argue that Walkers should just head down to Downtown if they want to earn more, I think the change have been unfair as all other modes of delivery (bicycle, PAB, PMA...) still enjoy Zones Boost in all areas!

2) Negative Amount in Cash Wallet

I was very surprised when I saw that for the first time, that I've negative amount in my Cash Wallet! Well, seems like Grab have introduced this "change" which allows the Cash Wallet amount to go below $0!

Previously, Grab would only give you orders that cost lesser than what you've in your Cash Wallet, meaning if you've $10 in your Cash Wallet, you won't received orders that exceed $10!

However, now, they can and WILL give you orders that are $20 or even $30 when you only have $10 in your wallet!

The results? I ended up with negative amount and I've had that negative amount for almost a week! Every time I'm near to positive, they gave me a cash order again! It feels like I'm working to get further in debt! I haven't cashed out for 2 weeks now because I cannot reach the minimum of $50 to cash out! I used to be able to cash out at least once a week! 

I do get cash on my hand which sadly, I've to keep them as change.

3) Increase number of trips to Qualify for Quest Incentives  

I've also mentioned this in one of my previous post but I guess I'll talk about it again here. The minimum number of trips to qualify for the Quest have been increased by a lot while the incentive dropped.

When I first started with Grab, the incentives were as below.

Did you realised that the "bottom Tier" (Weekday Quest) target have increased from 15 to 25, but the bonus for completing 25 trips have been down from $30 to $25?

And I can tell you that the bottom tier target have been increased to 30 now and the top to 50!!! I've mentioned earlier that you can't really hit 40 trips without working daily (Mon-Fri) for more than 7 hours! So, you can imagine how much longer you have to work to hit 50 trips!

Updated: 24/01/2020

Well, I can't really help but think Grab have been unfair to their Walkers, and only to the Walkers.  

ONLY Walkers have been excluded from recent CNY Special incentives! Another incentives that ONLY WALKERS are being excluded from!

Updated: 2/01/2020

I wish someone would tell me that my eyes are playing tricks on me! Minimum target of 35 trips for weekdays and 20(!!) trips for weekends!

Oh and the incentives for 20 trips (weekend quest) is the same as the amount you get for 15 trips previously, which is just $18!


  1. Hello, I just join GrabFood Walker! But can I know like the distance to collect and to the destination. Is how far apart? And do you always wear the grabfood shirt and bring the bulky bag?

    1. Hi Eri, I don’t always wear the shirt or bring the bag. As its very bulky and inconvenient at times.

      As for distance, they can range from 0.5-3.8km, just from the merchant to the eater. Most of the time, I don’t get orders too far away from where I’m, usually about 1km but there are Rare exceptions, which goes as far as 1.5-2km.

      So you can expect “easy” (near) orders within 1.5km in total (from where you are to merchant and to eater) and then crazy orders that goes a total distance of 5 or more km!

      From my past experience, trips are usually within the “average” distance of about 2-3km in total.

      However, starting mid March, I’ve been receiving more jobs that have much shorter distance and more within the neighborhood. And I also have been getting lesser jobs for the timeslot that I always work.

  2. I agree that making money is becoming increasingly difficult and that is why I am looking for other options that will bring me more profit.

  3. The fact that it gets harder and harder makes many people look for other options that do not require such a large expenditure of time and energy.


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