My little DIY "packaging" for pens

I've mentioned that my sister have bought a bunch of stationaries which she will give out to her students. 
But then we're face with a problem ... we bought a box of 12 pens with refills and wanted to give them out individually. 
You can imagine how "ugly" or cheapskate it would look if you j…
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2020 Children's Day Taobao Spree

Every year, I'm tasked to buy Children's Day gifts for my sister who works in a school environment. So it's the time of the year again and I love it that I can "legally and openly" have a Shopping Spree!!Woohoo!!Ok, fine, I've been buying stuffs online all these while, I don't r…
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My Experience Selling on e-commerce site - Shopee SG Part 1

I've mentioned in a previous post (The gruelling process of getting my own customise designed microSD cards!) that I've tried selling some of my custom designed microSD cards on Shopee. (Shopee SG to be more specific) I've been on Shopee for almost 2 weeks now, as of writing this. And ... well, m…
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Earphone Rant: Revonext QT5 Upgraded but not better

Warning: This will not be a earphone review, but a rant! LOL
I've actually bought a pair of Revonext QT5 earphone in late March this year. I got the copper-pink one with microphone. They're not very expensive, you cna get them around SG$30, which is quite a deal for the quality.

QT5 sounds good on al…
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Why I decided to reduce the days I work as WMG Parcel Walker.

I've "rejoin" WMG as Parcel Walker for a while now, and I've decided to greatly reduce the number of days I work with them. Why, you may ask. Well, there are a number of reasons.Having to make more calls and textDue to the COVID-19 situation, we're encouraged to do NCD (None Contact Del…
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Shipment: Why does some small items weight so much?

Have you ever examine your shipment details only to find some small items rediculously heavy?Like for example, the photo above whereby a USB3.0 card reader weights almost 300g?Here is the reason why.
So basically, they're going take the heavier of the two - the volumetric weight or the actual weight of th…
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The gruelling process of getting my own customise designed microSD cards on Alibaba!

I don't know when did I have this thought... I didn't talk about it with anyone because such little dreams are usually not supported, especially when my family is quite money sensitive! But I really wanted to get some of my own custom made microSD cards. I'm kinda bored of those "business lo…
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