Hand feeding a baby mynah - it's fun yet frustrating!

As mentioned in the previous post, I was given a rescued baby mynah bird. He arrived almost fully feathered and is able to support himself (stand).But he is still a baby who couldn't eat by himself, couldn't fly nor walk properly (he waddles).He is usually cute and a joy to watch -- BUT ... at the sa…
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DIY a temporary bird cage for a rescued baby mynah bird

We're given a baby mynah who had fallen from his nest and was almost being taken away by crows. He was really small and scared when we first got him.
We put him in a box and man-made a "nest" for him to keep him cozy and protected.
And in just 2 days, he tried to jump out of the box and didn'…
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DIY projects improvements for my iPega 9167 controller!

I've previously written a review on the iPega 9167 controller (here), but after extensive usage, I realised that the review is not really that in-depth. The controller seems to have one more problem that kinda bug me... and I decide to DIY a solution for it.
DIY 1: Portrait HolderI think it obvious from t…
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Rant: These 2 Olympics Badminton matches are so exciting!!

Erm... well this is not actually a rant but just my thoughts after surviving 2 really exciting Women's Double (WD) group matches!!
The first one was the world No.1 (FUKUSHIMA Yuki and HIROTA Sayaka from Japan) vs the world no.11 (CHOW Mei Kuan and LEE Meng Yean from Malaysia). I'm a huge fan of Japan…
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I took my 1st jab of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Image source: straitstimes.com
Well, this is my personal experience taking the vaccine, it'll not be the same for everyone.
It all started with a SMS notification that says I was "nominated for vaccination by my organisation (which is Grab)". I was given a link which took me to a webpage to book …
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Daiso Petit Blocks! The $2 "mini Legos".

My family visited Daiso over the weekends and I fall in love with their Petit Blocks New Series! For those of you who didn't know what Petit Blocks are, it's Daiso version of Nanoblocks, and a lot cheaper!! They're just $2 per pack!But I've to be honest here, Petit Blocks's quality aren&#…
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iPega 9167 Bluetooth gaming controller

I've decided to get the iPega 9167 controller to turn my Poco X3 pro into an ultimate entertainment/gaming center!I've been running PPSSPP and a game controller will come really handy, especially when it comes to action games.And after using it for a while, I'll share my experience with the contr…
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I bought the Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro and used it for a week

I've actually sold away my Poco M3 few months ago, because it was under used and that it disappointed me as the audio quality (when using karaoke app) is not that satisfactory.But I regretted, it was quite an instant regret. Because, I lost my lightning to 3.5mm adapter so I can't have music OR watch…
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