1More 1M301 Single Driver Earphone Review

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Type       Dynamic Driver IEM
Drivers8mm Single Dynamic
Frequency Range   20 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance   32 Ω
Sensitivity  98 dB
IEM Body Aluminum Alloy (80%)
Cable Material   OFC enameled copper, Kevlar reinforced
Cable Type  Fixed, 125 cm, cloth knit outer (below Y-connect)
Controls3-Button Remote and Mic (Android)
Jack   Straight, Gold plated, 3.5 mm, 3 pole
Weight 15 g

I must say, the unboxing experience is really really fun! There are just so much surprises! And this is of course due to the wonderful packaging design!

1More 1M301 review | ishopiuseireview.com

I've mentioned in my previous post that the Remax RM-610D and Plextone X53M are very "gift-able"; and the 1More 1M301 win those 2 by a whole body length in terms of packaging and presentation! I especially love the colour combination of black/dark grey and red, great contrast and very eye catching!

1More 1M301 review | ishopiuseireview.com

I won't go into all the details, but here is everything included in the package. You'll probably be thinking, "How the hell did they packed so much in such a small box?"... At least I did.

Basically, other than the earphone, you get a clipper, 3 sets of replacement eartips (XS, S, L), a 1More bear sticker, a earphone pouch and a very nice container for the earphones.


The earphone itself... well feels pretty plain when compared to the packaging, I was little disappointed actually. I guess, it just looks better in the promotion posters and it also lacks character and uniqueness, even though I like the combination cable (braided and TPE). I do love the Mic/Volume controller though, it looks very stylish and is also very comfortable and responsive. It is also surprisingly light.

1More 1M301 review | ishopiuseireview.com
1 Shop, I Use, I Review

I've been using this pair for a few days now, I must say, I really love how it sounds. I love the overall sound of this pair than the others I've reviewed. I guess it could be the very good sounding and clear midrange which made the vocals forward and very appealing. Bass is boomy and I can "feel" it although there seems to be something lacking in the low. High is comfortable to hear.

Without wasting time, I'll go to the Pros and Cons.


- Accessories. Pouch, cable click, 1More sticker and 3 replacement eartips (XS, S, L)

- Stylish Packaging Design that is full of surprise

- Fit. Very comfortable and stay in my ears.

- Noise cancellation is pretty good.

- Mids is clear, smooth and sweet. Vocals are such good enjoyment.

- Remote Controller works well with iPhone (skip, pause, play songs, answer/end calls, volume control)

- Remote buttons are easy to press. (not too stiff or loose)


- Earphone design can be a little better, although its not ugly or what.

- Low can be better.

- I actually don't like the cable clip

- Microphone is a little soft when singing on some app.

Overall Score: 4/5.
Mic score (for singing app): 3/5.

The 1More 1M301 is my favourite pair so far (well, excluding the Sennheiser one, which I try to hypnotise myself that I've never own it). I really like how the vocals/mid sound on it.

*Note: I'm no audiophile, just a person who loves music and earphones!!

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