My addiction to online shopping has died down, and I'm so glad that it did. I haven't been buying anything online after the Christmas Sales. However, this is not the main problem why I haven't updated for a long time.

The problem has always been motivation. I am not motivated to do much. But I do want to keep this blog running, at least till the expiration of my Domain contract.

I'll work things out...maybe I'll be reviewing other things (I love music, movies and dramas) or just be sharing my thoughts on different things.

Well, that is all for now. Good day, everyone.

1More 1M301 Single Driver Earphone Review

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Type       Dynamic Driver IEM
Drivers8mm Single Dynamic
Frequency Range   20 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance   32 Ω
Sensitivity  98 dB
IEM Body Aluminum Alloy (80%)
Cable Material   OFC enameled copper, Kevlar reinforced
Cable Type  Fixed, 125 cm, cloth knit outer (below Y-connect)
Controls3-Button Remote and Mic (Android)
Jack   Straight, Gold plated, 3.5 mm, 3 pole
Weight 15 g

I must say, the unboxing experience is really really fun! There are just so much surprises! And this is of course due to the wonderful packaging design!

1More 1M301 review |

I've mentioned in my previous post that the Remax RM-610D and Plextone X53M are very "gift-able"; and the 1More 1M301 win those 2 by a whole body length in terms of packaging and presentation! I especially love the colour combination of black/dark grey and red, great contrast and very eye catching!

1More 1M301 review |

I won't go into all the details, but here is everything included in the package. You'll probably be thinking, "How the hell did they packed so much in such a small box?"... At least I did.

Basically, other than the earphone, you get a clipper, 3 sets of replacement eartips (XS, S, L), a 1More bear sticker, a earphone pouch and a very nice container for the earphones.


The earphone itself... well feels pretty plain when compared to the packaging, I was little disappointed actually. I guess, it just looks better in the promotion posters and it also lacks character and uniqueness, even though I like the combination cable (braided and TPE). I do love the Mic/Volume controller though, it looks very stylish and is also very comfortable and responsive. It is also surprisingly light.

1More 1M301 review |
1 Shop, I Use, I Review

I've been using this pair for a few days now, I must say, I really love how it sounds. I love the overall sound of this pair than the others I've reviewed. I guess it could be the very good sounding and clear midrange which made the vocals forward and very appealing. Bass is boomy and I can "feel" it although there seems to be something lacking in the low. High is comfortable to hear.

Without wasting time, I'll go to the Pros and Cons.


- Accessories. Pouch, cable click, 1More sticker and 3 replacement eartips (XS, S, L)

- Stylish Packaging Design that is full of surprise

- Fit. Very comfortable and stay in my ears.

- Noise cancellation is pretty good.

- Mids is clear, smooth and sweet. Vocals are such good enjoyment.

- Remote Controller works well with iPhone (skip, pause, play songs, answer/end calls, volume control)

- Remote buttons are easy to press. (not too stiff or loose)


- Earphone design can be a little better, although its not ugly or what.

- Low can be better.

- I actually don't like the cable clip

- Microphone is a little soft when singing on some app.

Overall Score: 4/5.
Mic score (for singing app): 3/5.

The 1More 1M301 is my favourite pair so far (well, excluding the Sennheiser one, which I try to hypnotise myself that I've never own it). I really like how the vocals/mid sound on it.