Joule Cell Rechargeable Battery by Gosh!

I know most electronics now comes with rechargeable batteries. However, most remotes are still powered by batteries. Although these batteries aren't expensive, they can still add up.

As for me, I'm playing Fatal Frame on my Wii (I know its old, but I WANT TO finish the game) and my wiinote eats up AA battery like a hungry monster. (Say, about 2 every 2-4 days)

SO I started searching online for an "solution" and I finally found the Joule Cell by Gosh!  They cost SG$1.90 per box!!

Joule Cell

NiMH (nickel metal hydride)1.2V AA Size (Comes with AAA size too, but the AAA ones I got was slightly rusty and defective ... but I'm too lazy to go down and get it change)
Charging Current: 5V/1100mAh
Charging Time: 8.5 hrs
LED Indicator: Red for charging; Blue when done charging 

In the box, they included a USB charging cable with 2 micro USB outputs and of course 2 AA batteries. (This cost SG$1.90!)

 In the picture above, I compared it to the usual AA battery. It look almost e…

Remax RM 580 Dual Moving Coil Earphone Review

I got really curious about dual coil/dual drivers (or hybrid) earphones recently, although I don't really know how they works, my research told me that they usually have 2 different drivers for different frequency range. (Usually one for bass and one for mid and high)

General Specification
  Brand   REMAX
  Model   RM-580
  Color   Black, Gold
  Wearing Type   In-ear
 Cable Length (m)   1.2m
Technical Parameters
  Microphone   Yes
  Wired Control   Support
  Plug Type   3.5mm
  Rated Power   5mW
  Receive Sensitivity   106dB
  Impedance   32Ω

However, the Remax RM 580 have 2 dynamic drivers, which doesn't seems to be trying to "tackle" 2 different frequency range. But oh well, it's one of the cheaper option (and that I would trust the Remax brand a little more)

This earphone cost about SG$27 when I got it from Qoo10 and well, as always, the packaging is very presentable.

Remax RM 580 Dual Moving Coil Earphone

 Remax RM 580 Dual Moving Coil Earphone
 Remax RM 580 Dual Moving Coil Earphone

The package comes with:

1 x earphone
1 x pouch
2 x replacement earbuds (S and L)

The earphone itself is well, not very attractive. I totally dislike it's cable design (or maybe the black version just doesn't look as nice as the gold one). The cable feels a little on the flimsy side too and feels and looks a little cheap (personal opinion).

The earhook on the other hand, is pretty comfortable and the earphone stays in ear.

The casing is mainly plastic to showcase the dual coil inside. It does look pretty cool this way and I really hope that the cable would have been better looking.

Remax RM 580 Dual Moving Coil EarphoneRemax RM 580 Dual Moving Coil Earphone

I wasn't too impressed with the sound. I feel it should have done better because, well it has 2 drivers instead of one and it cost the price of 2 drivers.
Firstly, I don't feel the noise cancellation is good. I usually keep my volume at around 45-55 and this pair can't block out most of the noise at this volume, I end up having to turn the volume up to about 65-70.

The soundstage is pretty wide and listening to the Diamond Zhang sound I mentioned in my previous reviews proved to be an enjoyment!

However, the bass is pretty dull and not as lively as expected... It just feels a little empty with some of the songs that I listen to. I guess it just lags a little bit of punch.

The mid however surprised me. It is clear and very sweet. Mid and vocal is definitely where the Remax Rm 580 shines!

I don't have a problem with the high although I can't really say that they're outstanding.

The microphone proves to be a failure. But also thanks to this Rm 580 pair that I know that I shouldn't talk built in mic for granted. (I've always think that any pair with built in mic would at least be decent enough for normal conversations and is not something that I need to test)

The Remax Rm 580 proves otherwise. The microphone is rather unclear and I've more than 1 person complained about not able to hear me clearly when the mic is not few cm away from my mouth when I'm outdoors. (I'm not taking about a room with 100 screaming kids but just walking on the street) So basically, it's either I have conversations indoors or I kiss the mic when I talk.

So obviously, the microphone is not that fun to sing with too.

Remax RM 580 Dual Moving Coil EarphoneRemax RM 580 Dual Moving Coil Earphone
  So let's sum up:


- Mid and Vocal.
Mid and Vocal are sweet and clear.

- Comfortable
 Earhook is a good add-on. It's comfortable and makes the earphone stay in ear.

- Wide Soundstage

- Remote control works very well with iPhone.


- Bass is dull and less lively

- Noise Cancellation is not able to block out most of the environmental sound at lower volume.

- Cable design is ugly.

- Cable tangles easily. (The earhook can get hooked and tangles the cable)

- Microphone is unclear and muffled.

Overall score: 3/5.
Mic score (for singing app): 2.5/5.