The other side to the PMD ban on footpaths!

I know this is not going to be popular but I feel there is a need to also present the other side of the story, or at least let others be aware of what the cyclists face on the "roads".

But before I begin, I want to make it clear that this is not a post to side anyone or blame anyone. This is w…
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Ordered Lay's Chips Again! Many New Flavours included!

It seems like buying potato chips (especially Lime and Cucumber flavoured ones) have become an annual "tradition" for my family. My mum loves them and when I ask her if she wants them for CNY, she would always say "YES!".

Anyway, I didn't wait for the double 11 sales to get them as I…
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GrabFood Rant: I calculated the hourly rate of a GrabFood Walker and ...

I finally found the time to really collate and calculate (roughly) how much I work and how much I earned.

So I can, really divide out how much was earned per hour. But you know these are just estimation and varies daily. But I can quite confidently say that the daily earnings on Weekdays won't fluctuate…
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