Earphone Rant: Revonext QT5 Upgraded but not better

Warning: This will not be a earphone review, but a rant! LOL
I've actually bought a pair of Revonext QT5 earphone in late March this year. I got the copper-pink one with microphone. They're not very expensive, you cna get them around SG$30, which is quite a deal for the quality.

QT5 sounds good on al…
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Why I decided to reduce the days I work as WMG Parcel Walker.

I've "rejoin" WMG as Parcel Walker for a while now, and I've decided to greatly reduce the number of days I work with them. Why, you may ask. Well, there are a number of reasons.Having to make more calls and textDue to the COVID-19 situation, we're encouraged to do NCD (None Contact Del…
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Shipment: Why does some small items weight so much?

Have you ever examine your shipment details only to find some small items rediculously heavy?Like for example, the photo above whereby a USB3.0 card reader weights almost 300g?Here is the reason why.
So basically, they're going take the heavier of the two - the volumetric weight or the actual weight of th…
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The gruelling process of getting my own customise designed microSD cards on Alibaba!

I don't know when did I have this thought... I didn't talk about it with anyone because such little dreams are usually not supported, especially when my family is quite money sensitive! But I really wanted to get some of my own custom made microSD cards. I'm kinda bored of those "business lo…
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