Update of Kesu Backup Plus Slim 1TB 2.5-Inch Hard Drive - I think I've been scammed!!

I've to update about the Kesu Hard drive I've reviewed just yesterday! I was thinking of cutting back the score but I couldn't help but think if this is just an unlucky one-time event?

But still, I've to take back what good things I said about it earlier, because just after 1 night, the drive is not being recognised by my PC.

It appears as "Unknown - Not Initialised" on Disk Management and I could get the computer to read it. I couldn't access any of the files inside.

I've no idea what happened at all, I just boot up my computer and then tried to search for the drive and it was gone. The other hard drives that were left in the same condition as the Kesu's one, were all working well. So, I'd guess its the hard drive's problem.

I almost went crazy! I've moved most of my backup into the hard drive and then deleted the originals. Now I've find ways to recovery the data as there is no way I could read the drive - I've tried some data recovery like M3 Data Recovery and Wondershare Data Recover but none of them could detect the drive.

Finally, I've to admit defeat and accept the fact that it's a faulty, dead drive... and I need help...

I contacted the Seller for help and he kindly guided me through some "diagnosis" and "checking" over the online chat (which I've done it all before but still follow through), they said they could do nothing and that it could be either of these reasons:

1) Language "barrier" between a Chinese formatted hard drive and English system. They also mentioned that I changed the driver's name to English might have caused it. Huh?

2) Problem with the Hard drive.

They gave me 2 options:

1) 1 to 1 exchange
2) Refund

For both options, I need to send the hard drive back and pay for the shipment which would cost about half the price of the drive itself. (They require 6 layers of protection - 3 on the inside, 3 on the outside).

If I opted for 1 to 1 exchange, then I'd need to buy from their AliExpress store which charges in USD and would cost more due to exchange rate.

Basically I'd be paying more than half the price of the hard disk to exchange. Either way, it's not worth the trouble and fee.

So, I decided that since I won't be returning the disk, I would open it up to see the inside (maybe it's just a loose connector)... And ...


OMG!! The inside looks older than my mum's 21st birthday party dress!! Look at the condition of the the parts!! It's clear now that why the Hard disk only lasted for 1 day!!

Anyway, I still tried connecting it straight to my motherboard via the SATA cables... and well... still nothing. Not surprising, right?

Lesson learnt: 

Never buy cheap external hard drive (but this isn't that cheap either) from Unknown Chinese brands, you get refurbished old and worn ones packed in nice casing.

I've learnt my lesson, so don't fall for this again!!

But still credits to the seller for spending time on trying to solve the problem and shipping the hard drive with extra protection.

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