1 week Challenge to Improve Reaction time - Day 2

Lol, something happened today when I was carrying out the challenge. My sister who was in the other room asked me, "are you training to become table tennis player?" And I laughed.

Although I believe that anyone could pick up any sport at any age, if you really put in the effort, it wasn't my aim at all.

I just want to be able to react faster whether for sports or just generally in life.

Anyway, today's session have been pretty much the same as yesterday's. I've missed most of the first 5 throws. Then things picked up a little and I was able to do consecutive catches (after I adjust the angle and strength of my throws). But I still have a problem with my left hand... I feel it wasn't mine and I can't control it well enough.

I did 15 catches today, though I wasn't planning to up the catches per day. I was just having some much fun, I did more than I needed to.

Here is a short animated image of the session.

The "results":

Total Number of catches: 15.

Total Number of Misses: 18 (estimated)

Time taken to complete 15 catches: 1 - 2 minutes (estimated)

Highest Number of consecutive catches: 6.

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