1 week Challenge to Improve Reaction time - Day 5

Today's session, is still a rough start. The first few throws were still missed. I only managed 8 consecutive catches today which was lower than yesterday. I'm still having problems with my left hand which I find harder to control.

It's already the 5th day of the challenge and well, I don't see much improvement. Not that I feel there will be miracle in such short time frame but I secretly wish there would be even a slight improvement... but it seems my performance have been quite unstable. I can't even be sure I could do 10 consecutive catches on the 7th day. But let's just hope so, ok?

The "results":

Total Number of catches: 16 (estimated).

Total Number of Misses: 13 (estimated)

Time taken to complete 20 catches: 1.5 - 2 minutes (estimated)

Highest Number of consecutive catches: 8. 

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