Lazada (Air) Shipping and Shipping Sensitive Items from Taobao!

I went online shopping again... Fine, you can scream at me for being a "online-shopaholic", but I do have a need for most of the things I bought this time.

Items I bought:

Normal Goods

1 x Remax 3 USB ports Wall Charger
1 x Remax Youth Edition Multiple Ports (5 Ports) USB Charging Hub
A bunch of small stuffs like earphone cases, pens and hairbands
2 x Remax Fast Data Cables (RC-008i)

(I guess you know by now that I'm quite a huge Remax fan) Well, I've used many products from Remax, including earphones/earpieces, charging cables and portable charger/power bank. I'm always satisfied with their products (both in terms of design and usability) and have recommended them to my friends.

These items added up to about SG$26 including shipment.

I realised that Lazada (Air) and (Sea) shipment methods had been added to Taobao Appointed forwarder list. Their price is one of the cheapest (alongside Ninja Van).

Their Air shipment is at
RMB26 for first KG and 9 for subsequent 500g.

Their Sea Shipment is at
RMB14.5/kg for items 0-30KG, capped at RMB315.
RMB10.5/kg for items 30-60KG, capped at RMB480.
RMB8/kg for items 60-160KG, capped at RMB668.
RMB4/kg for items over 160KG.

Lazada (Sea) accepts large items but takes a longer time (estimated 14-25 days as compared to 3-7 days of Air shipment)

I chose Lazada (Air) as I know I'm not going to over shoot the 1KG limit. I like that they send SMS to notify me when my items arrived in their warehouse, so I do not need to check back frequently. They also promised that packages consolidated before 4pm will be shipment by midnight and they kept their promise well! I consolidated my items before 4pm and it was packed and out for clearance before midnight.

About 7 days (including 2 weekends) after I consolidated my items, I received a SMS informing me that my package will arrived today. The SMS was sent at 11am, and I was pretty surprised to see that it'll be NinjaVan that will be delivering my package. I've a good previous experience with them and I know it'll be good this time round too. However, I waited and waited and the deliveryman only came knocking at about 7:30pm. It was quite a long wait, but well, no complaints, at least its still "today". I've deal with some delivery promised today but never hear a knock at all!

Overall, I'm satisfy with Lazada (Air) delivery service!

Also this time round, I ordered some "sensitive items" (just some exotic flavoured Lays Chips - Lime, Cucumber and Beef flavour) Don't ask me why they're considered Sensitive items... I was thinking is it because some people will get "sensitive" when they see tidbits and will be tempted to eat them?

Anyway, I cannot use the official Taobao Appointed forwarder to ship them, I've to find another forwarder that allows shipment of sensitive goods to ship them. The procedure is pretty much like using the official forwarder, but there is a lot more communicating to do and if you don't know Mandarin well, then it's almost impossible.

Basically, I'm contacting both the seller and forwarder company.

First I've to get the address of the forwarder, key into my address list, contact the seller about forwarder's "request/requirements" and "take-notes" (like extra protection if is "breakable" items).

Wait for seller to sent item, when item reach the warehouse, contact the forwarder again to get quoting. Pay, then they'll sent the package out. The forwarding company have yet to send the package out, so will update later.

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