Learning to appreciate losing.

Losing is never a good feeling. I've always hated it. I want to win and then be praised. In fact, I need to feel I'm good enough at something because I can't stand the fact that I'm a talent-less idiot! But that, of course will be another story.

However, I realised that we couldn't be good at everything. There'll always be something that we'll flop at no matter how hard we try, especially without proper guidance.

I've been to a carnival recently and there are some booth game that requires some accuracy - like shooting targets. I've 3 tries and I missed the first 2... I shot out of the scoreboard.

Then there was one last chance left, I told myself I've to hit something within the board at least. I released and it did hit the board but it didn't stay on. So I had no score. I lost the game.

It was just a game and I wasn't affected much. There is no *insert thunder strike sound effect* scenario or *Sad violin piece sound effect* scenario. Then, I realised something, that losing made me realised that I was a little over confident. And I'm glad this incident is small and not damaging.

It's very ironic actually, because I am someone who has very low self esteem (ask 10 people around me and 9.9 would agree) but I was over confident in this case. After observing some others play before me, I thought I could at least have a score on my second try. But of course, I scored "nothing" in the end.

I thought I would be embarrassed because I've lost a "kiddy booth game" in front of many people and that I would be unhappy over it, because I expected a score at least. But instead, I realised that I've been over confident in my skills and I thought that I should learn to lower my expectations.

In the end, Losing doesn't feels so bad after all.

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