Why you should watch [You can, You Bibi] - China’s most popular online talk show

You can, You Bibi or 奇葩说 (Qi Pa Shuo which translate to "Weirdo's talking") is an online debate/talk show whereby a diverse group of interesting contestant debate over some social and cultural issues. The show has entered the 4th season and will have a 5th one soon. 

The show sometimes use "hypothetical" question to try and bring out a social or cultural problem, for example "If you could customise a perfect life for your kids, will you?" or "Is it stupid to make friends will silly people?" or "Is it stupid to donate to someone who is not so desperate?" (My own translation which may not be that accurate, but along that line)

Obviously these questions have no right or wrong, and different people will view it differently. However, this is where the show shines - there'll always be someone that will bring up a point that you never thought of. You'll be challenged every single time or even whenever a new participant speaks!

The show is run by 4 (sometimes 5 depending on the season) witty and quick thinking "hosts" - Kelvin Tsai, Ma Dong, Zhang Quanling, Luo Zheng Yu, who are also the "mentors" and they sometimes does the "closing" speech. And usually they would invite a celebrity as guest "judge" together with He Jiong who is the official "judge" or rather more like referee, but he usually does nothing much ... hahaha. Well, this is a program that combines entertainment, sarcasm and witty speeches, so if rules were really implement diligently then it won't be as fun.

The participants and hosts often curse, swear or even personal attack each other in the debates and that cause much laughter! 

Right at the end, the mentors will do the closing and guest judge will give their views, usually in a more serious and calm manner. Whereby they will always leave you with something to think about.

I remember there was this topic, "Is it bad to become someone you used to hate?" and Luo Zheng Yu said a very meaningful piece, - "When we met with a setback, there are 2 choices. One is to dump what that hurts us away; another is to examine and then accept/incorporate that(hurtful) thing into us. Growth is when we accept and incorporate what we dislike."

I've been watching this really light and funny variety on Youtube for a while and finished all 4 seasons already. A pity there are no translation for them (and I guess it'll be difficult to translate without losing the humour) but anyway, if you do understand Chinese or you want to give it a try, here is the link >> Qi Pa Shuo


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