Why do people cursed and swear but still continue to watch a serie?

I've just finish watching a drama that is very very bad (Well, fast forwarding through a whole chunk of it).

How bad was it? You may ask. It very bad like weak plot, boring characters and predictable plots. I was pretty annoyed when I finished the finale episode, still fast forwarding through a few segments.

Then I thought, why did I still finish the drama? I mean I knew it was bad halfway through... It wasn't bad all of a sudden ... it has been bad like since episode 12 or 13 and I stopped watching it seriously - always gaming while watching it.

But I still choose to waste time finishing it.

I always thought that if something is bad and till the stage of annoyance, then one shouldn't continue watching/doing it. I did that for quite a few of the series I followed. When they starts to bored me, I watch a few more and then stopped totally if they still doesn't interest me. If I wish to know how it ends, I simply google the ending.

However, I finished this serie and was cursing, along with some other viewers.

And then I thought again, has this "want-to-watch-then-curse" feeling got to do with bullying attitude? It's like we hated someone or something and then we need to keep a watch on them and then feel happy with every flop or mistakes they made? "Neh, I told you, the characters always do illogical things! Happens again!"

We want people to hate them together with us and then shame them publicly?

To be honest, I'm not sure, this is just something I thought about. Because I've seen it happen too many times, people cursing at every single episode but continue watching and then finally exploded at the final episode.

I actually think, these people falls right into the "trap" of the producers. It's bad but people still watch it, then they still get the attention and viewership they needed. It seems like a win-lose case.

Maybe your time is better invested in something else instead of "let's see how bad it can get", in the end you're just wasting your time.


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