I wish to do it my way...


I once thought of starting a blog so I can monetize it, but I realised that this is just a dream...

I guess most of us did go through this phase whereby we started a blog and then posted quite diligently on a topic we thought we loved.

I started out as a review blog for budget electronics but I soon realised that I only buy electronics when I need them. I am not some fanatic who would chase after the latest trend and keep buying new ones. I just don't have so much things to write about!

However, I still want to keep this blog going, so I've to find new ways. I ended up on Google, searching for a way to make money from blogging.

I guess many of us have read the gurus tips and tricks, dos and don'ts - find a niche, stick to it and become an expert in that niche.

When I saw those tips, I know I can never monetize my blog. Why?

Because, I don't have a niche. I don't have something that I can share confidently that aren't on the internet already! I don't have any skills or talent that I can proudly say I'm really good at... I can only, share my honest reviews and thoughts on things I used or care about.

I know these aren't enough anymore. Not in this time. How would my experience be more helpful than an expert's? They never will...

So for now, I'll just do it my way, even though it would mean that I can never monetise my blog well enough to reached the minimum threshold. But so what? At least I can write what I want, with honesty and freedom

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  1. You can do whatever you like with your blog. It’s yours. Though it really does affects your traffic.


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