If only he is ugly looking!

I've met up with a friend who is being harassed at her workplace, by a "all-girls-goes-gaga-over-him-guy", who had previous bad record of doing so. It did caused her some confusion, trouble and unhappiness. But at the same time, she is flattered and repeatedly express "Why me? Everyone is so jealous..."

I really don't get it, just because someone is good looking, and then he could get away with lots of things. I mean to be honest, despite expressing hurt and fear with his harassing acts, she is reluctant to report him for, "It'll ruin his live! If only he is ugly looking!"

I was like, "What the F*!!" Do ugly people deserves to get their live ruin? Although I do know that the world is unfair to average people - those not too good-looking, not too outstanding, not too outspoken... but it's just sad.

I'm truely disappointed in what she said, but on the other hand, admired her honesty. But I choose, not to comment on this issue ever again. The world can be more fair.


  1. The world is never fair. What to do?

    1. Mayeb you're right, there is nothing much we can do about it other than not repeating it.


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