Chuanyu H302 4 USB 3.0 Hub Review

Chuanyu H302 4 USB 3.0 Hub Review

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS 9.0 or Above
Material: Plastic Shell 
Cable Length: 100cm
USB Port Type: Type A
USB Version: USB 3., Up to 5Gbps
Current Output: 2A
Current Input: 5V DC
Chuanyu H302 4 USB 3.0 Hub Review

I got this Chuan Yu 4 ports USB hub for about SG$12 from Taobao (including shipping) about a month ago. I haven't heard of the brand prior to getting this and I did no research beforehand. I need another USB hub and so I just get it.

Chuanyu H302 4 USB 3.0 Hub Review

The packaging is just simple cardboard box and nothing else, definitely not something that is presentable as a gift. It does comes with a warranty card though. Another thing that makes it not nice as a gift for me is that the logo on the hub looks pretty ugly... and kinda cheap.

Chuanyu H302 4 USB 3.0 Hub Review

I connected the hub to a USB 3.0 port on my Windows 7 PC and then it just worked, pretty much plug and play. However, if you want it to work with high capacity storage drives, you'll need to power it with a mirco USB (android charging cable).

I tried connecting one 2TB WD Elements portable hard disk and one 750GB WD Elements portable hard disk to it, after powering it and it worked well reading them both. 

I'm not going to act like I know much about transfer speed and stuffs, I'll just be reporting my observation.

Transfer is fast especially when compared to a USB2.0 port. The top speed with WD Element is about 140MB/s as compared to 50ish on a USB2.0 port. However, when transferring to both hard disks simultaneously, the transferring speed goes down quickly to 60ish.

Chuanyu H302 4 USB 3.0 Hub Review

Nevertheless, it's still a good upgrade from my 2.0 ports. 

I tried charging my iPhone with it, charging goes up to 0.46A, not too good as a charger but at least its able to do data transfer.


- USB 3.0
- Multiple ports
- LED light indication
- Relatively cheap
- Speed is pretty fast
- Transfer is stable
- Able to read 2 large memory HDD at one go (if powered by Micro USB)
- Can do data transfer for iPhone


- Logo is kinda ugly
- Power is too low to charge iPhone

Overall Score: 4/5

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  1. Will it work ok with a few large HArd disks?

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply but I've no problem with 2 to 3 hard disk on this USB hub. I don't know how large are you referring to but I had 1x750GB, 1x1GB and 1x500GB HDD and it run fine.

  2. Oh WOW! I was just on amazon looking for something similar. So many devices and this would be perfect for not just at home, but traveling too.

    1. Hi Vicki,

      Yes, this is a relatively cheap option for USB hub that works well for me. I've been using it for months now.

      It'll be a good addition if you travel with your laptop.


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