I've taken these Diet Enzyme tablets from Ishokudogen(iSDG) for 30 days!

Firstly, I must apologise as I'm not very discipline in taking these pills. I should be taking them diligently for 30 days but in actual fact, I missed quite a couple of days in between.

Also, I must say that this is personal experience and will not be a fair or accurate gauge because of many other factors and lifestyles changes. 

But anyway, I'll still share my experience for you to reference on.


I kept a record of the days I took the pills, the days I did pass motions in the table below. It's a little small, so you have to click to enlarge to see the details.

However, if you're lazy, I'll do a quick summary:

Out of the 37 days (from 15 Oct - 20 Nov), I took the Day Pills (D) for only 16 days and Night Pills (N) for 24 days. Passed motions (P) for a total of 8 times. 

I did stopped for a few days between 24-26 Oct on purpose because I was having constant mild headaches and thought it could be a side effect from taking the pills. I only continued after it went away. After which, I no longer experience any headaches so I concluded that it wasn't the pills.

Mom had stop taking the Night Pills by then because whenever she took them with an empty stomach, she get terrible gastric. She had to take something with or after taking the pills which she didn't want to (since Night Pills are supposed to be taken 30 minutes before bed). She continued with taking the Day Pills but "gave up" soon too because she just simply forget to take them. 

Effects of the Pills

To be really honest, I don't think they really work. But it could be because I'm not determined or disciplined enough. Anyway, I'll be breaking down the effects into 3 parts - Improving sleep, Improving digestion and Weight lost.

Improving Sleep - 3/10.

I must admit that they did kinda work initially. For the first week, I do feel some strong tiredness coming in after taking the pills and I did went to bed earlier and woke up earlier. It feels good to be honest and I don't feel so tired during the noon, which I usually do if I wake up early.

But somehow, the effects just faded off. I think it started when I started binge watching a CDrama and ignored the tiredness, which usually just last for an hour. From that day onwards, the pills no longer makes me tired enough to go to bed and it gradually didn't even make me tired at all. 

Improving Digestion - 3.5/10.

Hmm... this is a tough one. Well, from the statistics, it'll look like it didn't really work well at all (8 times in 37 days) but I think it did work a little initially too.

I mean, I feel more comfortable for a week or 2, and I did see a small reduction in the gaps between the days I passed motions. But then everything were back to "normal" soon after. 

I actually do see a link between my sleeping habits and my digestion. I feel more negative effects from my indigestion (bloating and pain) when I sleep later than normal, say after 4 am(please don't kill me). So could this be the reason? Since the Night Pills' sleep effects no longer works on me so the whole system "broke down"? 

Weight Lost - 6/10

Good news for those who are taking these pills for weight lost. I think they work quite well, at least that is the case for me. But of course, you've to take into considerations that my lifestyle was like shit too so that could also play a small part. 

My weight dropped from 45.1 to 43.8kg (Note there will be a discrepancy of 0.1-0.3kg) and my waist from 76 to 73cm. 

However, like I've mentioned earlier, I haven't been on the best lifestyle routine. I'm sleeping late, skipping or having irregular meals and I guess one of the reason is also that I've been getting orders that are further away. So, I do "exercise" a little more due to having to walk or cycle more to deliver orders.

But I guess it's undeniable that the Pills played a part in the weight loss.


I obviously overestimated my determination. I thought I could maintain my previous lifestyle (sleeping before/around 2am, waking up early enough for breakfast and the Day Pills...etc) for 30 days but I didn't. -_-"
Anyway, I cannot say the pills doesn't work at all, but it just doesn't work well, if you're not determine enough or change your lifestyle to a healthier one. They could help you initially (making you tired so you sleep earlier, making your digestion slightly better and taking away the discomfort) but eventually, it's up to you to make it last.

Anyway, I'll still continue to take them till the last one.


  1. I came across your page cause I just tried the Night Enzyme pills and since morning I've been having frequent urges to pee so wanted to see if it was a side effect. But I ended up being more concerned about the fact that you passed 8 times in 37 days. That's some serious chronic constipation. I used to have that issue for 3~4 years, most of it was attributed to stress, either from work or from relationships. If you're still experiencing it, please consult a doctor and get some medication to help with temporary relief. I hope it doesn't affect your daily life too much.

    1. Hi ceru, thank you for your concern.
      My constipation has been a long time problem (since young), but it has been better now.

      Hmm... if my memory didn't fail me, I didn't have the problem of having to pee frequently. I guess the pills just works differently on different people.

      I'm no doctor so I couldn't comment much on that. But if the side effect is affecting you, maybe you should stop them for a while?


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