Learning to appreciate losing.

Losing is never a good feeling. I've always hated it. I want to win and then be praised. In fact, I need to feel I'm good enough at something because I can't stand the fact that I'm a talent-less idiot! But that, of course will be another story.

However, I realised that we couldn't be go…
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Why do people cursed and swear but still continue to watch a serie?

Source: Attacked by Rotten Tomatoes
I've just finish watching a drama that is very very bad (Well, fast forwarding through a whole chunk of it).

How bad was it? You may ask. It very bad like weak plot, boring characters and predictable plots. I was pretty annoyed when I finished the finale episode, still…
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What is a perfect life to you?

After watching a particular episode of Qi Pa Shuo, I created a poll on Virily asking if there is a button, once pressed, your newborn child would have a customised perfect life. Would you press it?

I'm pretty surprised that most people choose not to press the button, except for a few who had either lost…
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Why you should watch [You can, You Bibi] - China’s most popular online talk show

You can, You Bibi or 奇葩说 (Qi Pa Shuo which translate to "Weirdo's talking") is an online debate/talk show whereby a diverse group of interesting contestant debate over some social and cultural issues. The show has entered the 4th season and will have a 5th one soon. 

The show sometimes use &quo…
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Let's take a quiz about guessing where the ball is...

I'm a proud member of Virily.com and have cashed out from there twice already. I enjoy interacting with the kind and helpful writers there and also making fun quizzes.
Here is one of them which I created whereby you've to guess where is the ball in the screen captures/photos. 
You can take it here &…
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I wish to do it my way...

I once thought of starting a blog so I can monetize it, but I realised that this is just a dream...

I guess most of us did go through this phase whereby we started a blog and then posted quite diligently on a topic we thought we loved.

I started out as a review blog for budget electronics but I soon realise…
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If only he is ugly looking!

I've met up with a friend who is being harassed at her workplace, by a "all-girls-goes-gaga-over-him-guy", who had previous bad record of doing so. It did caused her some confusion, trouble and unhappiness. But at the same time, she is flattered and repeatedly express "Why me? Everyone is…
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Chuanyu H302 4 USB 3.0 Hub Review

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS 9.0 or Above Material: Plastic Shell  Cable Length: 100cm USB Port Type: Type A
USB Version: USB 3., Up to 5Gbps
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Is there any way to make Enzyme Drinks without sugar? Like a diabetic friendly recipe?

Some one asked me this question when I posted about enzymes drink on a blogging site, Virily.com.

I thought it was a fantastic question! Because it was written in the book clearly that there is a way to make enzymes diabetics friendly.

And that is to use Oligo to replace sugar or for some recipe (like Cherr…
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Possible 'Side-effects' of Drinking Enzymes Drink!

I've made the enzyme drinks and according to the book, it's best to drink it daily (3 times a day would be best but once is fine too).

You can mixed it with any drink that is NOT hot, or less than 45 degree Celsius or you might "kill" the enzymes.

However, there will be some unpleasant eff…
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