An Anti Blue light "Challenge" Update 1

It has been more than a week since I started the "Anti Blue light "Challenge".

So now it's time I do some reporting back.

Well, firstly, I've to say that I didn't see much obvious improvements although I did feel my eyes are less dry and I can look at screens (both phones and PC) w…
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How does the Lay's Kimchi, Wasabi and Cherry Blossom flavour chips taste like?

I've finally opened a packet of the Lay's chips to try, and it happened to be the Kimchi flavour one.

Although the packet seems quite big (70g), the content fill less than half the packet. It is very little actually. (I guess you can tell from the photo)

This is before I eat any of the chips! I swear…
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More exotic Lay's chips flavours!!

I guessed I've mentioned in my earlier posts that I wish to try as many flavours of Lay's potato chips as possible!

I recently came across several new flavours while shopping online. So I ordered them when there was a promotion!

Wasabi Flavour

Hmm... this is not new. I've seen many other brands s…
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Are Anti Blue light Screen Protectors really useful? An Anti Blue light "Challenge".

As mentioned in my previous post, I've bought some anti blue light screen protectors from Taobao. The reason I bought them was simple - to protect my eyes from the "harmful" blue light. Well, I've to use "harmful" (with the inverted commas) because there are different "argume…
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Shuo Tu (硕图) Selfie Stick with Tripod, Remote Shutter and Mirror

Although I don't really enjoy taking selfie, my family does. Actually, it's just my mother. LOL. But she has her way to make us all take together with her.

Anyway, the old selfie stick we have is faulty. It is not able to take a picture even though we had connected it with the audio jack. We could o…
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Halloween Special - A Halloween Comic

Do you think that you're always alone?

Do you feel lonely?

Well, maybe you're not ... ...

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Happy Halloween!!

My family doesn't celebrate Halloween, so I don't have much Halloween crafts or stories to share... But that doesn't stop me from... making greeting "card" for the wonderful day!
Instead of the usually greeting cards, I did an animated Gif! I hope you like it!

This is probably early bu…
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Should I get more expensive storage case for my earphones? 2

I've experimented with a few cheaper (less than SG$5) and slightly more expensive (SG$13-$14) protective storage cases in my previous post. Should I get more expensive carrying case for my earphones? Cheap carrying cases Vs More expensive carrying case

This time round, I've gotten a few hard cover c…
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