Why I choose to get an entry level smartphone over a MP4 player?

Nowadays, little separates an audio player and a smartphone. If you take the SIM slot out of the equation, the two have almost identical functions.
I mean, the iPod and some other audio players out there can download Apps, play videos and games, let you browse social media and watch YouTube too! It's only…
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What strategies did Grab put in place to push its riders to take up more jobs?

Firstly, I must state that this is my personal opinion and analysis, so it's definitely not official. Also, I'm not doing this to critisise or judge anyone, in fact, I thought they do have some great strategy into motivating the riders.
Quests and Zone Boost
I think I've mentioned (and compla…
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I got a Xiaomi Poco M3 and this is what I think of it

I wouldn't go into the specs of the phone, you can easily find it online, like Gsmarena.Anyway, I know nuts about phone (like their chipset and all the technical stuffs) so it's no point I write about them and pretend like I know what I'm saying...LOL But I do know what kind of user experience I …
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Benjie Nuo Bi Xing v3 Audio Player Review

Nuo Bi Xing v3 audio player
Battery:  500 mAh (About 4.5 hours of music on loud speaker, volume 25/31)
Functions:  FM Radio, music player, dictionary,  voice recording, e-book, video player,  image viewer, alarm, bluetooth
Audio Formats: MP3, WMA, DRM, OGG, APE,

Video and e-Book Formats: - Not …
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I almost got scam into giving my credit card details!!

It's really scary!Ok, let's me explain why I find it so scary.
I just recently ordered an item on Carousell. The seller sent the item out 2 days before I've received the above phishing email. I actually believed what was written on the email and I did click the link, typed 1/3 or my credit card nu…
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Rant: No accident is temporary

Image Source: EHS Daily Advisor
Today I am going to "talk" (rant) about accident... Wait, I think that is not specific enough... I'm actually going to talk more of the "make-do" attitude in safety measures.
There are many areas under construction in my neighbourhood. They're expandi…
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I've taken these Diet Enzyme tablets from Ishokudogen(iSDG) for 30 days!

Firstly, I must apologise as I'm not very discipline in taking these pills. I should be taking them diligently for 30 days but in actual fact, I missed quite a couple of days in between.
Also, I must say that this is personal experience and will not be a fair or accurate gauge because of many other factor…
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GrabFood Rant: Something interesting happened ...

What happened was, some time ago, during 3+ am, I received an order from a nearby restaurant to a few blocks away from my house.It's a short distance to walk but I was quoted a $5. Oh well, that happens as Grab will usually sometimes pay more for Wee hours deliveries. And it's almost 3:30 am when the…
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How is TPG coverage for NSL and NEL MRT lines?

Image Source: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/
I travelled with my mother to Sentosa during the weekend and while I was taking the MRT, I thought I can try out TPG's coverage in the underground.
Currently, TPG promised coverage in North-East line (NEL) and Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL). They promised to ex…
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I signed up for the TPG 50GB SIM only plan and here is what I think about the plan

Well, I was quite annoyed by Starhub unstableness. It's like I can have super laggy moments at home with my wifi right in front of me. Not to mention that I'm still on 3G and it can be dead slow - like taking a minute to refresh a webpage.At the worst, it affected my GrabFood deliveries - like I got …
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