Remax RM-733 HiFi Semi-In Ear Earphone Review

Speaker size : 14.7mm 
Sensitive : 105dB + 3dB  
Frequency Range : 20-20000Hz 
Distortion : < 1% 
Impedance : 32ohms 
Pin :3.5mm (Gold Plated) 
Cable Length : 120mm

The Remax RM-733 doesn't seems to be one of the "popular" item from Remax and is difficult to find it in stores (other than Taobao).

I got this pair for about S$13 from Taobao, including shipment. It came in a very simple paper box that is bleh... unattractive. Fortunately, the earphone came with a very sturdy and stylish hard cover case and was well protected. I actually love the case design a lot! Simple and stylish!!

I also received a free gift of audio splitter for PC and a clipper. However, I won't use the clipper because its a little tight and can cause marking or even damage to the cable.

The casing of the earphones seems to be metal (aluminum) and plastic, so they are very light. I've no problem with keeping them in my ears, however I do feel they're more comfortable with sponge covers. But its all personal preference.

The cable is braided from the pin till the Y-split. The cable after is TPE.

The remote and volume control works well with my iPhone 6Plus and I assume they'll work with Android system too. 

This pair's noise isolation isn't as great and will depends on the fit. Adding sponge covers helped increase the noise isolation, but don't expect too much. I need to turn the volume up to 60-70 to block out most environmental noise.

The RM-733 does well in the mid range. I love how the female vocal sounds on this earphone, they are sweet and clear. The highs aren't too bad too but I don't like the bass. They're not punchy enough and seems "far away". But its still pretty good for its price point.


- Hard cover case
- Remote with Mic
- Fit is comfortable even for long hours of usage
- Mid
- Attractive Design
- Mid is great


- Cable tangles easily
- Bass is not punchy enough
- Clipper design is too tight
- Bass is lacking, not punchy enough

Overall Score: 4/5
Microphone Score (for Phone conversation): 5/5 

*Note: I'm no audiophile, just a person who loves music and earphones!!

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